Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"We Are In the Fourth Great Crisis of the Church"

Read this as a chaser after "Infallibility, Baby." Bishop Athanasius Schneider: We Are In the Fourth Great Crisis of the Church.


  1. Interesting article. I wish I shares how enthusiastic he is of the future.

  2. I have thought of what will happen if the situation reaches critical mass (no play on words intended :-). The traditionalist minority is in no mood to roll over and play dead. Backed into a corner, it is going to cry "I'm mad as h*ll and I'm not going to take this any more."

    Given that a gigantic swath of the Catholic "faithful" is openly scornful of and living and worshiping in open defiance of Catholic teaching, with the passive - and sometimes active - complicity of their priests and bishops, the Church is already experiencing schism, just not formal schism. I wonder what the Holy Father would do if unable to avoid facing up to that, unable to avoid confronting the dissonance between the two camps, unable any longer to take a backseat to his select Cardinals with their slippery language. Forced to drop the vaunted collegiality and speak unambiguously as Peter.

    I bet that thought keeps not a few Catholics, on both sides of the divide, awake at night.


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