Friday, August 1, 2014

Treating the Children Like Dogs

As the ever-vigilant Rorate Caeli reports, Pope-watcher Sandro Magister discloses the reason Pope Francis gave for his visit with Protestants in Caserta.

When no one knew anything about it yet, it was Francis who alerted them about his intention to go visit their Italian colleague in Caserta, and explained the reason: "To extend the apologies of the Catholic Church for the damage that has been done to them by obstructing the growth of their communities.”

Yes, you read that right. The Pope of Rome traveled to Caserta to apologize for the Catholic Church's supposed obstruction of heresy.

Would that the Church had more to apologize for, then.

So are they not a sect, or
are we not the Church?
The Bear does not share Traditionalists' passion for the Latin Mass, but he can only imagine how crazy-making Pope Francis' constant "dialogue" with Protestants must be for them given his apparent disinterest in the Vetus Ordo

Just think about this reality: the Pope apologizing to Protestants for obstructing the growth of their heresies. (Oh, the Bear must apologize. That came from a demonic delusion that "I am the Church, you are a sect." We are all just Christians in our beautiful diversity.)

The Pope has no apologies for failing to support the growth of the Traditional Latin Mass. He has no apologies for the confusion and heartache he has sown among the rest of the faithful. The next heartbreak is coming soon, mark the Bear's words, and he will have no apologies for that, either.

Even Jesus recognized the difference between the children and the dogs, and knew which sat at the table and which fought for scraps underneath. 

26 He said in reply, “It is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs.” 

New American Bible. (2011). (Revised Edition., Mt 15:26). Washington, DC: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pope gives televangelist James Robison a high five.

Pope Francis does not distinguish. He puts napkins around the necks of the dogs and feeds them at the table while his hungry children are kicked underfoot. Being the head of the Catholic Church is not enough for him. He must be the leader of all Christians. 

Fortunately, the obstinacy of heretics may save us yet. Many Evangelical blogs are just as upset about their guys hobnobbing with the Pope of Rome ("Protholics," they're calling people like Robison) as we Catholics are at getting kicked under the table.

With any luck, the current ecumania will fizzle. If not, well, it looks like all roads still lead to Rome, and the papacy will be the smiling face of our new Pan-Christian religion.


  1. Bear,

    I love your blog. You have been on-point with your posts as of late. But I do wonder how someone so erudite cannot see the connection between the liturgy you choose to attend and the problems lately manifesting themselves in the Church, most notably in the person of Pope Francis. The entire point of the new mass is the alienation of Catholics and Catholic sensibility to reach out to (read: appease) Protestants, and the world at large. How can you continue to attend such a banal, barely-Catholic fabrication when you seemingly see so clearly the crisis in the Church? If you have the time, this article is worthwhile reading:

    Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of the Church.

    1. They can bring in more giant puppets than a Pink Floyd concert. They can send waves of liturgical dancers and eucharistic ministrixes on roller skates. It's my parish, my Church, and I will fight for it and the people in it. I was reading TAN books about "Cranmer's table" in the 70s, so I am not fighting blind. But I'm not running. Many don't have the option of a TLM. I sometimes wonder if Traditionalists even realize this. And in my church, the liturgy is tolerable, and it teaches me to pray attention :-) Because you have to work at worship at a Novus Ordo Mass. Of course, it is the same as at a Traditional Latin Mass. That's what liturgy means: work. My apostolate is of the stubborn piety that grows like a weed in the cracks of the Vatican II Church. That's the real problem and enemy. We could all be chanting Latin until the cows came home, but it wouldn't stop Pope Francis and his dodgy ecclesiology. I do what I can, as a franc-tireur, a partisan, a resistance fighter, behind enemy lines. I resist those who would soak off my best fighters into the Traditionalist enclave. I am glad Traditionalists exist. I hope the Church looks more like that after our Babylonian Captivity. We believe and want the same things. But our Mass is the Mass, too, for all its problems. It is the Mass for most Catholics, and that isn't going to change. So let the Babylonians stay as long as it please God. I'm making the most out of my captivity -- which was Jeremiah's whole message, by the way.

  2. Replies
    1. To Steve: I read the link, and it is very well-written. Funny, I supplied the line from the Caine Mutiny about a ship built by geniuses to be run by idiots as I was reading, before it even came into view. Let's stipulate that the Traditional Latin Mass is better.

      I've been to a couple (although not enough to claim that I am in a position to judge between them). Yes, the sacrificial aspect of the Mass is easier for humans to see in the Extraordinary Form. Cardinal Ottaviani said that in his famous intervention. Facing the priest toward the people can be a powerful temptation to become a performer. Remodeling churches interrupted tradition and changed the way people pray. (A better argument might be made against bad church architecture and decoration than the Novus Ordo as a greater problem, although I am not prepared to do so now.)

      But things have settled down, at least in my neck of the woods. The people have their Mass, and, true, it looks more like a mainline Protestant denomination's service -- kinda, if you squint and turn your head sideways -- than the Latin Mass does, the basic elements of the Liturgy of the Word -- all in our mother tongue! -- and the sacrifice of the Mass are hard to miss! And sure you would not suggest that because it has been abused elsewhere and in other times, all Novus Ordo Masses, however reverent, are somehow tainted?

      I suspect the current Mass of the Church is producing saints. It is comforting and strengthening people all over the country. It is bringing Christ down from Heaven (however you want to technically describe the Sacrifice) And, yes, I'm sure it is being abused in some places.

      I do not happen to believe that all problems originate in the ordinary Mass of the Church, or that all problems would be solved if the Vetus Ordo were universally imposed overnight. I believe ALL of our problems come from a weird council and a near-universal breakdown of theologians, faculty, religious, priests, and bishops and their respective and varied organized bodies. The Novus Ordo per se is good enough, just as an imperfect Extraordinary Form Mass is good enough. Perfect is the enemy of good enough.

      The only bone I have to pick with Traditionalists is that (some) go out of their way to NOT just sing the glories of their preferred Mass, but to denigrate the Mass that -- I don't know the percent, but could we stipulate to a wildly conservative 75%? -- most people know, go to, love, and meet their God at. To the extent this troubles people, and even discourages them, some to the point of just stopping their Mass-going altogether, I think the Traditionalists are "plucking up" instead of "planting," to borrow from Jeremiah. (Yes, I have been reading the prophet.)


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