Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beau Pupdate: National Dog Day

My bowl is missing something.

Beau had his routine puppy vet visit yesterday and got a s-h-o-t. He weighs 10 pounds now and has learned to go up and down the stairs. He has been practicing his bark.

Beau, Buster and Dahlia wish everyone happy National Dog Day.

Write a paragraph on what
this picture means.


  1. He is so cute! Congratulations on managing the stairs - in both directions.

  2. OH NO!!....he just keeps getting cuter!

    Would you be interested in a trade for a slightly used keeshond?....low miles, runs on it's own gas....a seemingly never-ending supply....

  3. The picture of Buster (foreground) and Dahlia always reminds the Bear of some sort of pharmaceutical ad. Or maybe a Thematic Aptitude Test. What is going on between the characters in this picture?

    Beau is the cutest puppy the Bear has ever seen. He's either very busy or conked out on his bankie.

  4. What a story is told by these two wistful faces. Dahlia clearly is Buster’s spiritual director - or would be, if only she could. Her heart brimming with compassion, she observes her friend and recalls a passage from a book that she read long ago (before she took the path of spiritually improving reading):

    “…that look I cannot exactly describe…an expression of helplessness so perfect that it seemed to grade into one of rather comfortable inanity just because this was the very limit of injustice and frustration – and every limit presupposes something beyond it – hence the neutral illumination.”

    Buster has come to the shattering awareness that he is not the Platonic ideal of canine cuteness – or, even more shockingly, that such an ideal may not in fact exist! He must wrestle alone with the implications of this - and Dahlia must keep her distance until the signal is given that Buster has made his peace with the changed zeitgeist at Zoar. She knows that there will be love between Buster and Beau. Were this not the case, there would have been bloodshed by now.

    Keeping a watchful eye of concern on the stricken Buster, Dahlia says a little prayer of gratitude for his essential goodness, and patiently awaits the moment when he will allow her to approach and console him.

    1. Wonderful! Poor, pensive Buster. Your story is much better than my pharmaceutical ad: "She would be the last to tell you..." about some embarrassing condition like ear mites -- or worse.

  5. Is Beau an Aussie? I think with my next dog, I will return to that breed. Have had 3 border collies in a row and although we love our dog, this breed can be very squirrelly.

    1. Yes, we had a border collie that we just lost. He was pretty much a serial killer. We came home one afternoon and he had killed all of our chickens and laid them neatly side by side. "There, there. Now they are at rest and in order." So I know what you mean about border collies.

      Yes, Beau is a miniature Aussie, and so far we love him! Although as big as he is already we're wondering about the miniature part!


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