Monday, August 18, 2014

Beau the Puppy

Friend Cat seems alarmed!

See the white socks?
Here are a couple of pictures of Beau posted by request. He is very playful, even for a puppy. The Bear is not sure what puppy milestones are worth reporting. He can sleep by himself, which is welcome. He's a lot bigger than when we got him, but just looks like a bigger puppy. His Big Boy Dogness hasn't started yet. Buster our male Yorkie studiously ignores him. "I don't know what to do with you, so you do not exist in Buster's universe." Dahlia, our female Yorkie gobbles up all his food then camps out in front of his food and water bowls so he can't get to them.


  1. OH NO!....That has GOT TO BE the cutest puppy I've ever seen in my life!!!!

    (Don't tell my dog I said that)

    He's gonna be great. The smart ones are always extra work, but SO worth it; and aussies are about as smart as it gets. We had an Icelandic, stubborn, willful, wonderful. He is GREATLY missed. So sorry you just lost two...but it is great to have a puppy in the house. Dogs are such a wonderful reflection of the faithfulness, joy, and love of their Creator. I'm pretty sure God made them at the same time He made lightening bugs....two of His best works. :)

    Thanks for the pictures Bear....just beautiful.

  2. ...and oh yeah, a quick fyi;

    pigs are officially flying in a frozen-over hell....bravo Papa.

  3. .....aaaaaaaand, we've once again got fresh, HOT, roast pork; back to 'normal'

  4. Cute! We got our first puppy since I was a kid...a few years back...He's been a lot of work. Poor mom has been up every a/m, even had to get up b4 dawn for a few weeks at first to get him out to potty. He sleeps all night. Not a peep.


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