Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Milestone and Lotsa Links!

The Bear is pleased to share that St. Corbinian's Bear has reached a milestone this week!

60,000 page views and 1000 comments.

Not much by the standards of most blogs, but we're still relatively new. The Bear is happy his readership continues to grow. Some of that growth is directly attributable to readers and fellow bloggers sharing the Bear. So thank you. The comments at SCB are exceptionally well-thought-out and well-written, too, so thank you for that, too!

The most popular posts include:

Admittedly, the more outrageous the title, the more popular the post, plus readers seem to have an insatiable appetite for articles about Pope Francis. The Bear doesn't want to turn this into the Father Mario Show, but, let's face it, Pope Francis is making history. How?

The Holy Polyhedron of
Father Mario
He is changing how the Church views herself in the world. He is not doing it through encyclicals, or a council (although there is that synod coming up), but by his actions. For all his displays of humility and phoning up housewives in the middle of the night, he sees himself as less of a pastor than a prophet. He is the Prophet of the Holy Polyhedron, where the Church is one face among many. Any gimcrack preacher who styles himself "bishop" is put on a level of a Catholic bishop who traces his office from the Apostles themselves.

Who knows what our Pope believes? Sadly, we have learned, and are still learning, what he doesn't. So the Bear will continue his twin missions of chronicling the danger Pope Francis poses to the Church, and exhorting his readers to practice the virtue of Holy Stubbornness.

No matter what happens, the Church remains the Church, and we must remain in the Church. The Bear knows you are all tired of hearing this, but nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there. You could receive worse advice in these troubled times.

The Bear's favorite posts are not necessarily his most popular ones:

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