Friday, August 8, 2014

He's the Pope

Deceased Protestant "Bishop" Tony Palmer was told not to convert to Catholicism, according to a story in the Boston Globe. Palmer first met Jorge Bergoglio on a courtesy call before starting a charismatic Protestant-Catholic "mission" in the future pope's diocese.

Palmer and Bergoglio had intense discussions about Christian separation, using the analogy of apartheid in South Africa. They found common ground in believing that institutional separation breeds fear and misunderstanding. Bergoglio, whom Palmer called “Father Mario,” acted as a spiritual father to the Protestant cleric, calming him (“he wanted to make me a reformer, not a rebel,” Palmer told me) and encouraging him in his mission to Christian unity. 
At one point, when Palmer was tired of living on the frontier and wanted to become Catholic, Bergoglio advised him against conversion for the sake of the mission. 
“We need to have bridge-builders”, the cardinal told him.

Yes, that's right. The Pope wanted Tony Palmer to remain Protestant and in serious danger of Hell's fire so Mr. Palmer could continue to work on the Pope's private hobby horse of making iPhone videos for rich televangelists and what not. This also meant that Palmer would remain out of communion with his Catholic family. (His wife is Catholic, and so are their children.)

The Pope doesn't need to follow Church teachings. He's the Pope. He doesnt need to explain.  He's the Pope. He doesn't need credibility. He's the Pope. He can do whatever he wants. He's the Pope.

Sadly for Tony Palmer, out of 1.2 billion Catholics, he made friends with the only one who would talk him out of becoming Catholic.

Is Pope Francis a crackpot? The Bear will get back to you on that. After all, he's the Pope.

(Thanks to Elizabeth for the story.)


  1. This creeps me out on several levels.

    Christian separation analogous to apartheid in South Africa?? That any educated Christian, let alone Palmer who was South African, could come up with that one is astonishing.

  2. Bear said:

    "The Pope doesn't need to follow Church teachings. He's the Pope."


    The Pope
    Is the Pope
    In cope
    Ya dope

    But never
    Was there
    Such a Pope
    To cope

    I hope
    This Pope
    Won't have
    To grope

    When he
    Finally comes
    To his

    The Pope
    Has a head
    Of argentine

    But never
    Was there
    Such a Pope
    Oh nope

    No trope
    Of hope
    He makes
    Me mope

    But he's
    And not

    The Pope
    Is the Pope
    Not soap

    But never
    Was there
    Such a Pope
    To lope

    His passive
    Pride will
    Make you

    But he's
    I must

    The Pope
    Throws a rope

    Oh nope
    The Pope

    With Christ
    From this Pope’s

    And pray
    For this
    My friend!


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