Saturday, August 23, 2014

Islam and Ebola

UPDATE: From the "There Are No Coincidences" department there comes this excellent piece from Church Militant TV's Facebook page. For all you people who have given up on CMTV, today's "Best Of" Vortex was unfriendly to Protestantism, and here we have something that does not mindlessly fawn over Islam like the Catholic world -- except the Archbishop of Mosul, anyway -- does. (Whoops, the Bear forgot, Mosul is -- poof! -- no longer part of the Catholic world, but has been overrun by Islamozombies.) When the Bear decides to say something, he reserves the right to use every rhetorical weapon, from closely reasoned argument to ridicule.

Michael Voris and company may or may not actually come out and say anything against the Pope. But the Bear bets his entire stock of fine, locally-produced orchard honey that you are going to see more episodes taking on the Pope's positions. And that's what we really need, isn't it? And on with the original, fine old rant.

Rorate Caeli has a good piece about Jorge Bergoglio's response (through a spokesman) to Pope Benedict's 2006 Regensburg Speech, which was perceived to be unfriendly to Islam.

We can say Islam is a religion of peace the same way we can say Ebola is a tonic. It may not kill everybody, and may not be killing anyone where you happen to be living now. But how insane would it be for the White House to announce that the CDC is looking for ways to spread Ebola? How clueless would talking heads be if they assured us that Ebola was harmless? What if the Vatican welcomed Ebola infected victims into the Vatican without protective measures?

The Bear does not know how many of you read his long, perhaps rambling, essay on the near and present danger ISIS poses to your soul. It is worth repeating, however, that anyone who tells you:

  • Islam is a religion of peace
  • Islam is not a danger in the world
  • Muslims engaged in mass murder in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam
  • Mass murder by Muslims is just a spontaneous outbreak of psychopathy (or zombism) totally unrelated to the religion they keep yelling about

Anyone who tells you these things is a liar. The Bear cannot be more plain about this. We have no "Islamic brothers" (i.e. brothers on account of their Islamic beliefs). "Moderate Muslims" are not going to raise a hue and cry about atrocities committed in the name of the religion. Not ever. Islam cannot be touted as one of the "Three Great Abrahamic Religions," as if it was somehow comparable to Christianity. Islam is an unholy mess.

President, pope or prelate, they are lying. It is a useful test. If they will lie to you about this, they will lie to you about other things, as well.

So how are we to think of Muslims? Realistically, but lovingly. The Bear is not adding that on to polish his PC credentials, either. (Have you noticed he doesn't have any? It's not really a Bear thing.) Seriously, we cannot let the religion of hate infect us with their zombie bite. We cannot hate Muslims, no matter what. Jesus calls upon us to love our enemies. That takes a lot. Especially these days. 

But Jesus didn't say we must pretend they are not our enemies. That's cheap grace. That's 20th century political correctness. It is a fraud. It has nothing to do with Christianity. Pretending Islam is worthy of belief is 20th century political correctness. With some Modernism thrown in. It has nothing to do with Catholicism, and, in fact, runs counter to the historical Catholic stream.


  1. I think it starts with President, Pope and prelate (or any one else) lying to themselves about Islam. They don't want to believe it isn't peaceful, so that must not be true. Once they've swallowed that, everything else comes easily. Of course, swallowing it is getting harder, but it's obviously still possible with enough effort.

  2. That may be true sometimes, Elizabeth, but I think more often they just mouth the tired old script because it is what is expected, and flips the light switch on the secular world's halo: tolerance. That it is tolerance of evil doesn't matter, as long as they're seen as tolerant. It is a lazy, sham virtue for the post-Christian age. Unlike real virtue, anybody can adopt it in an instant, since it requires no training and costs nothing. The Vatican should send Amel Nona, Archbishop of Mosul, on a speaking tour. He isn't "tolerant," you see, because tolerance is a virtue for those out of range.

    That's right. Every comment is going to provoke a Bear rant today. The Bear loves ISIS zombies with a fierce love. Why, he could just HUG them. Providence has made it possible for the Bear to safely love them (but not easy). We do our best; that's all we can do. The Bear's son helps. Muslims tried to kill him, and did kill his friends, downrange. Yet he did't seem to bring home hate with him. He's a better person than I in most respects. If he can do it, the Bear must at least try.

  3. crystal, crystal, crystal clarity Bear!....well stated.

    And just a little thought....God being God; and His boundless love for His children baptized into His Son (especially those who die as Martyrs for the Faith); cannot be happy at all with what's being done to them in places like Mosul, inter alia........can you think of any more dangerous place in the world today for a muslim to be than in the hell-hole of the ISIS 'state' where there are no Christians left? It's almost counter-intuitive, isn't it?...but it calls to mind Jerusalem 70 A.D. when there were NO Christians left in the city. It's not gonna be pretty for them, though they'll probably take out a whole lot more of us till then.

    I've been reading a lot about the Martyrs ready at all times to be a witness, event to the death.

    'Watch...and pray'.

    1. I cannot imagine the squalor, petty tyranny and casual executions that will be endured by the unfortunate souls in ISIS's eventual "Caliphate." It will make Afghanistan look like the Magnificent Mile. They will do their best to create Hell on Earth.


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