Sunday, August 3, 2014

Loaves and Fishes: You Knew It Was Coming

The miracle of sharing your PBJ sandwich & Twinkies.
Ah, yes. The multiplication of the loaves and fishes. An account rich in symbolism that transcends the simple act of feeding thousands of hungry people. It calls to mind the manna in the desert, the "bread of angels," and the Living Christ really present in bread in every tabernacle.

Yet, it never fails that Father reduces this marvelous lesson to a banal sermon on sharing your lunch.

You see, while some people were hungry, most others had packed a secret lunch. The apostles' example in sharing their five loaves and two fishes inspired everyone to open their John the Baptist lunchboxes and contribute to the common good. From each according to his lunchbox, to each according to his need.

This homily has the twin attraction for sixties' priests of communism and naturalism. Christ did not actually perform a hard-to-swallow miracle, it was just His good example. (Sort of like the exorcism of the demons of mental illness.)

Wait a second! Where'd
my miracle go?
It amazes the Bear that a priest who intends to turn bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ in a few minutes feels the need to try to explain away the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Why stop there? Why not skip over all the healings and exorcisms and other miracles and go right to the resurrection? Find some naturalistic means to explain that away, too, if we're going to do away with miracles in our religion!

Fortunately, the Bear's family, and you, gentle reader, know that this is Modernistic balderdash.

Ignoring the rich symbolism of the multiplication of loaves and fishes and instead trying to explain away the miracle with some pathetic nonsense about sharing your lunch is just shameful.

Here's an article by Steve Ray on it, so it is evidently not merely a fashion of the Bear's parish.


  1. The link doesn't work - I think it should be this.

    We were told that the sharing was one possible explanation. I've heard worse. And better.

  2. Isn't one of the main purposes of both of the feeding of the multitude gospels to show the test Jesus tasks his apostles with, their initial doubt and the fact that they overcame this and were obedient? Also in both accounts, the feeding of the 4,000 (7 baskets) as well as the 5,000 (12 baskets) they talk about the amount that was left over. I believe this is important, in that Jesus once again does what is considered impossible. I believe the message here is: "I can supply you with all you need and more".

    With God all things are possible.

  3. Uhum.....didn't we hear the Holy Father himself sort of allude to this twisting of this gospel this weekend in his homily? Something like: "This was no "magic trick." Someone needs to tell him......"No, dear Papa, it wasn't, it was a real true miracle performed by our Savior." He didn't follow up with that, but as I remember, followed up by 'feeding the poor' that is more important than anything else that we 'need'.

  4. He actually said this last June...
    "This is the miracle: rather than a multiplication it is a sharing, inspired by faith and prayer. Everyone eats and some is left over: it is the sign of Jesus, the Bread of God for humanity."

    RATHER THAN a multiplication it is sharing (!?!?!?!?!?!)

    And this last December...
    "The parable of the multiplication of the loaves and fish teaches us exactly this: that if there is the will, what we have never ends. On the contrary, it abounds and does not get wasted."

    Yes....yes indeed; he called it a PARABLE (face-palm)


  5. Parable, miracle, eh, just terminology, no? I wonder if the point is less to deny the miracle than to highlight a supposed sharing? Either way, the Bear doesn't like it, not one little bit.

  6. The Parable of the Magic Lunchboxes has entered clergy folklore, and we are not likely to live to see its demise. (Someone needs to come up with a name for these noxious memes priests spread among themselves.)


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