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Michael Voris Blasts Indifferentism

It's not like everybody has to become
Coincidentally following upon the Bear's imaginary interview with Pope Francis, Michael Voris offered a re-run in which he slams the telegenic Fox News Catholic commentator Fr. Morris. Fr. Morris made a problematic remark during coverage of Pope Benedict leaving the Vatican after stepping down as Pope.

Why did Fr. Morris deserve to be the subject of a Vortex? Because, you see, he remarked that "It's not like everybody has to become Catholic."

Michael Voris goes on to make a series of excellent points. Well, he asks, what should they become? He notes that the "New Evangelization" is "dead in the water" with an attitude like that. It is just Indifferentism

Michael was right to Vortex this in the first place. What a shame when a Catholic figure who commands a huge audience goes weak in the knees about the faith and bringing other people to it. Of course, Michael could not ignore the whiff of Indifferentism. People should strive to secure their salvation inside the Church, using the sacraments and all the other help God gives faithful Catholics. So, Fr. Morris got Vortexed, and rightfully so.
Indifferentism rubs my fur
the wrong way.

But wait! Isn't there another Catholic figure who acts like it is not that big of a deal whether someone is inside the Church or not? Who advised a Protestant friend not to convert to Catholicism because he needed "bridge builders" outside the Church who agreed with him? Who has spoken on multiple occasions about the evils of proselytizing? A figure with a far larger audience and much greater moral authority than Fr. Morris?

That's right! Father Mario (the late Tony Palmer's name for him), a.k.a. Pope Francis! The most ecumenical Pope in history!

We know Michael Voris does not criticize the Pope, nor does he approve of those who do. But why re-run an old Fr. Morris comment now, out of all the Vortexes that have been produced? True, they are doing "best of" reruns during their Church Militant TV retreat, but why pick this one?

Michael calls Fr. Morris' comments many things, to which the Bear adds prophetic. Enjoy the Vortex. The criticism of Indifferentism is valid for Fr. Morris, and it's valid for anyone else who advocates it.


  1. Boom. Voris picked what he thought was a reasonable strategy earlier in this pontificate, and is sticking to it out of an insane consistency despite all reasons to the contrary. He ought to admit his mistake and take the heat, then just be the watchdog he was before. Now I can't even listen to him. He criticizes the horses that run out of the open barn, but won't criticize the doorkeeper. It makes him nearly 100% irrelevant.

    1. They are not unaware of Pope Francis' problems. They have simply concluded that it would do more harm (shaking people's faith, sending them running to the SSPX, etc.) than good. I'm not going to bust them for that position. I have no idea what its like to reach as many people as The Vortex.

      Microblogs like SCB are, perhaps freer, in some respects. I have no problem concluding that this Pope is a danger to the Church like nothing we've seen and using every rhetorical tool at my disposal to broadcast that fact. It's the great battle for hearts and minds both in and outside of the Church. Voris isn't irrelevant, but he -- like the perfidious Scottish lords in Braveheart -- is taking his men out of the battle line.

      Of course, we do have Bears on our side.

      Why do I expose Father Mario? Catholics who are confused or frightened need to know "it's not you; there IS something wrong." The Church isn't changing. Hold on and wait for this storm to blow over. Stay where you are. Nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and you won't be blown away.

    2. I believe it's much riskier to peoples' faith to put on a happy face, pretend there's nothing wrong, and (in some cases) vilify those who raise questions.

      Take me, for example. Under Benedict, I was a tradition-friendly neo-Catholic and a firm believer in the biological solution to the problems in the Church. I certainly recognized the harm done by the aging generation of professional Catholics infesting our chanceries, schools, and parishes, but felt confident that over the next 10-20 years, a fresh generation of orthodox "Benedictine" Catholics would begin righting the ship.

      This papacy (and almost more importantly, this papacy's defenders) have entirely disabused me of these notions. It's bad enough that we have to weather a seemingly endless series of troubling statements from the Holy Father; what rubs salt in the wounds is the fact that we're expected to disregard common sense and the normal rules of interpretation in order to swallow the most ludicrous and intelligence-insulting "explanations" from his defenders. And if we balk at these "things to know and share", we're disobedient, or schismatic, or Francis-haters, or Elder Brothers, or cafeteria Catholics.

      It's almost like they want us to apostasize, to force the choice upon us: Either you believe this transparently implausible fig-leaf I've just made up, or you're a bad Catholic. This is a false choice, of course, but it's not surprising that some people (like Dale Price) take the deal. Others, like myself, are driven out of neo-Catholicism into something resembling traditionalism, complete with subscriptions to The Remnant. Still others are driven out of traditionalism into irregular groups like the SSPX, or (God forbid) into sedevacantism.

      Our Church would be in a far healthier state today if mainstream Catholic pundits (including Michael Voris) hadn't put so much rhetorical energy into "explaining" the Holy Father and calumniating those who expressed concerns. They could do Catholics a great service by outlining the precise bounds of papal authority and the obedience owed to the Holy Father; instead, they have squandered their credibility and forced a crisis of faith among many Catholics.

    3. "Know and share," yes LOL A lot of Catholic media types' credibility are not going to survive this papacy, even some who ought to know better. Even as I say that, though, I recognize the reality that most Catholics will just never figure it out, usually because (sadly) they just don't care enough to bother. The Bear's readers are hard-identity Catholics who are paying attention. Perhaps there are some refugees from the mainstream blogs trickling in as they realize that they are being duped.

      I do what I can, and many others do, too. It would be nice to think that, collectively, we are getting the truth out. Unfortunately, SCB is not exactly a powerhouse in the Catholic blogosphere, even with the occasional Pewsitter bump. Most Catholics are going to go to EWTN, or the Patheos mob, or Catholic Answers. So even collectively, I don't know how effective right-thinking microblogs are. But the Bear has his readers, and they are growing. (We just hit our 1000th comment! which isn't too shabby given the relative newness of this blog -- reminder: Share the Bear!)

      I agree that it is one thing to ignore the Pope for whatever reason like Church Militant TV does -- and that indeed is their policy, explained to the Bear by the head honcho of CMTV himself -- and quite another to attack bloggers who aren't drinking the Argentine Kool-Aid, like a despicable recent piece at Standing on My Head. (A good example of someone the Bear won't read anymore.)

      Sadly, the mainstream bloggers either (1) agree with the Pope's soft heresy; or (2) know better, but are putting their personal interests ahead of the truth in a time of crisis.

      The reality is that most Catholics really like the Pope. In fact, the less you know about Catholicism, and the less you practice the faith, the more you like Father Mario. My wife takes communion to people in the hospital, and she reports that they all really, really like the Pope. He's smart, though. He keeps a lid on his theology while subverting the faith and morals of the Church.

  2. Now there you go Bear....one of your moments of stunning clarity :)

  3. Bears are very unpredictable. That's what makes them so dangerous.

  4. Don't know if you've seen this post or not, but it really is a must-read. Just a truly excellent summary.....


  5. Indifferentism is a sin, and it's rampant in the clergy and laity alike, all the way up to Jorge himself. It's in the Catechism.

  6. P.S. just noticed that Fr. DL has closed his combox at Standing On My Head on account of "trolls." Wonder what brought the "trolls" in? Wonder if the "trolls" are the same as "Cafeteria Catholics," i.e. non-Pope Francis cheerleaders?

  7. Fr. DL has officially lost it. His post on the protestant 'bishop's' Catholic funeral is his 'jump the shark' moment. And everyone who speaks with the voice of reason and 2,000 years of the teaching of Tradition is considered a troll by him. Sad.


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