Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swedish Detective Series

There's a Bear in the trunk
The Bear's mate got him watching a Danish detective show, so if you've missed his blogging the last few days, blame her. The Bear thought "a Danish show" was going to be about breakfast pastry, but no. It's called The Killing.

Wow, the Bear can only imagine how complicated it is in Danish. And he didn't call it a thriller for a reason. Even so, it is oddly compelling. Maybe it is some sort of existentialist Danish drama where no clues add up, and we're stuck in an eternally gray Vancouver location (it's set in Seattle, though). It is watchable without being entertaining. Lots of close-ups of a pale redhead looking intense, and pensive. Pentense.

Figures that Danes would come up with that. Apparently there are hundreds of these Swedish (that's what we call all of them) Girl With the Bear Tattoo type glacial dramas the Bear's mate is hooked on.

The worst is -- get this -- we were watching this show together on Amazon prime, and one night she stayed up and watched to the end of the season without her Bear! Who does that?

He'll get back to blogging... just one more episode... no more than two.

In other news Blanquette ran away from home. A couple from a neighboring freehold knocked on the door reporting "a cute little goat with a bell" cropping grass in their yard. By the time our son completed the search, she was back in her pen like nothing had happened.

Three. Three at the most.


  1. This reminds me of that episode of Portlandia with Battlestar Galactica...just sayin'.

  2. Television is called a Medium, because it is Rare that it is Well Done.

  3. Mr. Green, a very choice and meaty comment!

  4. The Bear has sworn off Swedish detective stories, no matter how much of an appetite his mate has for them. If it was just bad, that would be one thing. But this was very well directed and acted. The pace was glacial. The writing was a jumble, and the it took two seasons to finally find out who the murderer was. There was no way to guess ahead of time, either. Recommendation: don't watch it.


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