Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who Torpedoed Queen Isabella of Spain's Beatification?

A very interesting article at Eponymous Flower about Isabella I of Spain. She was a Catholic woman of heroic virtue who united Spain, completed the Reconquista of Granada from the Muslims, and evangelized the New World. Not a bad resume, so it should come as no surprise that her cause for sainthood was opened under St. John Paul II.

Unfortunately, those very resume bullets are not in her favor in today's horizontal Church of Human Dialogue. She also withdrew royal permission for Jews to live in Spain.

Click the link to find out about a controversial new book on Queen Isabella, and how Cardinal Lustiger discouraged her cause for beatification in the name of Catholic-Jewish dialogue.


  1. She is not referred to Isabella the Catholic for nothing! In these days many saintly people may have difficulty being canonized. It helps to be a post conciliar pope, etc.

    1. "She also withdrew royal permission for Jews to live in Spain."
      Saintly, indeed...


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