Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cardinal Dolan's Horrible, Dishonest Defense

Have you seen Cardinal Dolan's explanation for not stepping down as grand marshal of the St. Patrick's day parade? You can spare yourself the aggrieved tone and lame attempts at humor and skip all the way to the bottom of his piece.

The defense goes like this. The Church does not condemn homosexuals, you see, only what homosexuals do. Therefore, their mere presence -- so long as they are not actually committing sodomy on the curb -- is unobjectionable.

However, the Cardinal slides over the fact that you cannot separate "are" and "do" in the national conversation about homosexuality. The kind of homosexuals that are proud enough to want to march as a troop in the Cardinal's parade are especially the kind that have no qualms about the "do" part. They are not contrite, they are not "struggling." They want you and everybody else to approve of their vice. Since everybody knows this, the Cardinal's intellectual dishonesty shouldn't fool anyone. By presiding over their march, the Cardinal is demonstrating tolerance for the private deviance the marchers are publicly celebrating. What a coup for homosexuality!

By the Cardinal's rationale, we could have a Swinger's Group, or a Masturbation Brigade in the parade. After all, the Church condemns adultery and masturbation, not the people who do those things, right? Bravo!

But for some odd reason, only homosexuality gets special treatment by the Church. It alone is defined by what people supposedly are, not what they do. The Bear calls this the "race model" of homosexuality. Without a scintilla of scientific evidence, homosexuality is spoken of -- even in the Catechism of the Catholic Church -- as an immutable characteristic, like race. The advantages of this to homosexuals should be too obvious to require explanation. We must speak in hushed tones of our admiration for their "struggle," which is somehow unique. Their "right" to engage in unspeakable perversions is right up there with Rosa Parks on the bus.

And there's Cardinal Bravo, driving the lavender bandwagon.

Frankly, the Bear suspects elements within the Church know which side the culture is coming down on, and are desperately afraid of being on the wrong side. In their minds only cretins like the Westboro Baptist Church are against homosexuality. Some mangy old Bear in flyover county might take that Old Testament stuff seriously, but the Archbishop of New York City? You've got to be kidding!

Let's not complicate what is a simple reality.

Homosexuals are people tempted in a particular manner known from ancient times. We're all tempted by some things. It's a spiritual war out there, in case no one has told you. Why, some men are tempted by attraction to adolescent boys. Some married men find it difficult to leave other women alone. Some enjoy gambling, or are angry, or unforgiving, or gossips. "Everyone's looking for something," as the Eurythmics song goes.

To be honest, we don't know the role of genetics, environment, psychology, devils and bad choices in any propensity to sin. That is probably one reason the Church is merciful. It has always taught we're all "born that way:" burdened with a fallen nature and afflicted with concupiscence.

Cardinal Dolan's slippery defense is intellectually and morally sloppy. One could not make a principled objection to any group under it. After all, as one man outside a gay mass told Michael Voris in an episode of The Vortex, God made homosexuals, and He doesn't make mistakes, right? (Because somehow, "God made psychopathic spree killers, and He doesn't make mistakes, right?" just doesn't sound as good.)

Some people love to say, "Hate the sin; love the sinner." They forget the first part, though. Especially when it comes to the vice that one dare not criticize.


  1. Sez the Archbishop of NY: "I share the hope of the organizers that the March 17th parade will be loyal to its proud heritage of celebrating Irish identity, culture, and contributions—all a beautiful part of Catholicism"

    So Irishness is to be celebrated because it's a way of being Catholic. Did I get that right? Is this man's Irish-American ethnicity his religion as well?

    Tim Dolan -- you put the "fat" in "fatuous".

  2. I just wish he had been able to work in "They're always after me lucky charms," into his defense, somehow. I would have had to have totally forgiven him.

  3. "And there's Cardinal Bravo, driving the lavender bandwagon."

    When you turn a phrase, you turn a phrase.


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