Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Dog Ate My Blog

Dahlia: the (strange) Yorkie that
ate my blog.
The Bear wrote four different articles today. Not one was deemed suitable for publication. What's going on here? The Bear hope he is not coming down with writer's block!

At least you know we have standards around here.

Since sort of retiring, the Bear has been feeling the motivation sloooowly slipping away, and that goes for everything, not just the blog.

Blogging is a great gig, other than not making money. (Note to self: check into getting some of those underwear ads he sees on other blogs.) You set your own hours, write about whatever interests you at the moment, bask in the adulation of thousands of readers (okay, maybe not quite that many) and generally have fun discussing interesting topics.

He delivered a lecture tonight on false police confessions, a topic on which he claims a considerable degree of expertise. The ten or so students were rather unresponsive until the Bear got them warmed up. The Bear doesn't remember what weeknight college classes are like, maybe.

Hey, speaking of confession, when is the last time you went? Maybe it's time, huh? It has been too long for the Bear. When you get out of the habit of regular confession, what is it?

Make that five articles unworthy of publication, but, hey, something's gotta go up.


  1. The Bear asks:

    "When you get out of the habit of regular confession, what is it?"

    It's time for...


    Of all the happy
    Of all my happy

    Confessions in the
    Were best for
    Cutting strife.

    Upon my head
    A beanie
    Or sometimes
    Chapel veil

    In summer’s heat
    Tar-bubbled street
    I’d run
    Like wind in gale.

    Holy water font
    Into, my fingers dip
    Made the sign of the Cross
    So careful not to drip

    Dark and cool and quiet
    One red rose candle lit
    And in the corners’ cornices
    My soul saw Angels sit.

    For they were there to help me
    Come face to face with self
    With poor man’s free psychologist
    The Priest, behind dark shelf.

    It wasn’t always easy
    But always was absolved
    And light with grace, back to the race
    To live His Word, resolved.

    And at this very moment
    Saturday doors are there, no locks –
    A place of virtual reality
    Sacramental Confessional box!

  2. Motivation is a slippery thing... Almost literally...

    I hope that you are an active bear? I'm 54 and I found my stamina evaporating. I enjoy jogging/running. I shuffle thru ~20 miles per week and that has made a great deal of difference in my mental and physical outlooks.

    I can only re-iterate the importance and need for frequent and diligent confession. For me, past 2-3 weeks (assuming I haven't the need for sooner, I'm sorry to say...) I start to feel like I am slightly "unclean". You know, like you've not brushed your teeth or showered recently and regularly... I'm sure you all know this but daily examens are a big help to the regular confession schedule. For me, regular daily examens are a big help to remember where I failed. I always ask Jesus to show me where I slipped up and He never fails to show and guide me in that regard.

    Routine and discipline help me with the motivation and boredom. Knowing that I have my nightly examen followed by my Little Office Vespers and/or Compline keeps me on track even when tired and sick.

    1. Active? Bear? In the wild, bears are of course quite active. In captivity... no. Poor old Bear's knees barely work going up and down the stairs (although he has an Ortho appointment later this month). The Bear's energy tends to be unevenly distributed throughout the quarter. He's sort of a bi-Polar Bear.


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