Saturday, September 6, 2014

St. Corbinian's Day September 8

St. Corbinian's Bear carries the saint's baggage
after killing his delicious pack horse.

September 8 is St. Corbinian's Day! The Bear invites everyone to join him in celebrating the brave Gaul that tamed the savage Bear and undertook the difficult task of also taming the Germans of Freising in Bavaria. You can read all about St. Corbinian here, and there is some totally unofficial material here. Some other ideas are:

  • go backpacking
  • find a store with a sign that says Carne Equina and buy a delicious roast
  • dig out your old Teddy Bear and see if he still makes you feel nice
  • commune with nature
  • evangelize someone
  • drink some wonderful Korbinian's Doppelbock
  • remember Pope Emeritus Benedict, whose coat of arms bears the Bear
  • make St. Corbinian's Bear cookies: find a horse cookie cutter, decorate with icing and make little Xs for the eyes (if a leg should become detached, so much the better)
You and your kids can recreate the
Bear's fateful dinner.


St. Corbinian,
A heavy burden was laid upon you,
yet you accepted it with grace.
You tamed the savage bear,
and evangelized the Germans.
Help us accept the burdens God lays upon us,
and help us tame our own bearish inclinations.


  1. "If a leg should come detached, so much the better". LOL

  2. It's lovely that St. Corbinian's feast coincides with the Nativity of Our Lady! I will certainly pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict. I'm considering the Korbinian's Dopplebock, if I can find it.

  3. Schnucks carries it, if you're in at all around St. Louis, or did, so you shouldn't have to fly to Germany for a bottle.

  4. Happy St. Corbinian's Day (in advance)!
    God grant you and yours every good gift!


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