Friday, September 12, 2014

The Bear's Unpopular Truth Challenge

The current reign of the Prince of the World discussed in the Spengleresque-titled Fall of the West is more easy-going than one normally associates with the diabolical. In fact, it is a neat reversal of that old serpent's first conquest. We may eat freely of any tree in the world, so long as we forget the knowledge of good and evil. Once you accept that the cost of truth is too high, and pretend there is no difference between good and evil, there is no reason you can't enjoy life, even attain to the highest offices in the secular and religious worlds.

In That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis named the infernal agency managing the novel's diabolical conspiracy the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments -- N.I.C.E. George Orwell's Ministry of Love was in charge of repression and torture, and his Ministry of Truth was exactly the opposite.

Today's exercise: speak an unpopular truth. You don't even have to do it to another person, but you must say it out loud.

The Bear wagers it might be harder than you imagine! The most effective censorship is self-censorship. Feel free to comment on your results.


  1. Unpopular is relative.

    Adoption is Evil

    Or NFP is harmful to marriage

    or Supersized Catholics are not a mark of the Faith

    Or simply writing. . . Noel Noel Noel Noel may all those who complain about my noisy children at mass go to hell. . . in reference to those at the local FSSP parish where what is looked for short term conformity, not long term love of the Faith.

  2. Hmmm... personally, the Bear loves to hear kids at Mass, although admits to having been desensitized by having our being blessed with a baby girl right after twin boys. The matter of family size is, like it or not, intimately connected to the future of the Church, not to mention Western Civilization.

    I think expressing an opinion against large families hardly qualifies as an unpopular truth, however. It is conventional wisdom. Those who are for large families, such as many traditionalist Catholics, are definitely in the minority. "Unpopular opinion" doesn't mean "unpopular to someone," but contrary to the culture at large.

  3. --
    So at a right to life rally it's more difficult to hold up a placard saying abortion is evil than it is to hold up one that says most birth control kills babies?

    I don't think so. The culture at large could not care less what is said, but those nearby do care when their ox is gored.

  4. You have missed the point, for which I, as the writer, take full responsibility.


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