Friday, September 5, 2014

Why a Parade Matters

The Bear has collected his thoughts on why a parade matters. This story is emblematic of what's wrong with the Church.

As the recent flap about homosexuals marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade shows, Catholics are not all on the same page when it comes to controversial issues.

No one is suggesting that individual homosexuals be identified and prevented from marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, or attending Mass, for that matter. If anyone raises a defense that sounds like that, they are being disingenuous. Let them march, but individually, not as demonstrators.

You see, the problem arises when homosexuals wish to make a cultural point by demonstrating as a group for the purpose of promoting their vice.

It is ludicrous that a Cardinal of the Church would entertain the possibility of presiding over such debauchery. But, incredibly, Cardinal Dolan sees no problem with it.

Some days it's hard to
get your Catholic on
What is going on in our Church? How has its public moral compass become so deranged? Perhaps people like Cardinal Dolan see the culture wars as a public relations loser, and believe it is best to make peace with the world, even on the world's terms. Homosexuals aren't going away. Does the Catholic Church really want to be seen as the Westboro Baptist Church on the Tiber? So, it looks like some want the Church to retire from the public square and hunker down in the Catholic Ghetto.

The solitary, pathetic goal of the V2 Church is to be the Nicest Church in the World.

Frankly the Bear is getting tired of being told what Catholic things he can't do anymore.

  • don't kneel for communion
  • don't proselytize (which is code for effective evangelization)
  • don't be salt
  • don't be light
  • don't be the city on the hill
  • don't try to shape the culture
  • don't insist on the uniqueness of the Catholic Church

Why does a parade matter? You might as well ask why does anything matter. Let's put this in context.

We could just relax, and go with the changes. If the Church says divorce and remarriage are fine, it will make a lot of people happy. Gay marriage is obviously what people want. It doesn't affect you, so why do you care? We care because:

  1. The Church claims to be a unique, divine institution. It does not follow the world, but revealed truth. If it merely follows the world, it is revealed as an institution of the world, and its claims to be divine are exposed as fraudulent. 
  2. Jesus specifically considered the "pastoral approach" of Moses toward divorce and rejected it. (Mat 19:3-9) If we ignore the teaching authority of Jesus, we must also deny his divinity: he was just a man of his times, perhaps wise and good, but no one to set standards for all time.
  3. The Church instructs the world, not the other way around. To be blunt, we have had 50 years of throwing the windows open and letting in the world, and the results are painfully obvious to everyone. When we get things backwards the Church decays in a thousand unpredictable ways.
  4. If the Church gets into the business of "de-sinning," what are the standards? What gets legalized? For every homosexual, there are 1000 or more people who enjoy pornography. Perhaps its reality as a legitimate expression of human sexuality should be recognized. Doctors tell us it's all perfectly natural and healthy, don't you know. Or perhaps we should permit a vote, so those who indulge in that vice can have their say, too.

If the Church changes to accommodate the sinful appetites of the world, it will be revealed to be something other than the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. It will be exposed as another worldly institution that lacks divine authority. The validity of the sacraments will be in doubt.

In short, if nothing matters, the Church is a fraud.

So that is why we care. One must conclude that those constantly pushing for change simply don't believe in the Church as a divine institution founded by Christ. Oh, the Bear is sure they don't admit that to themselves in so many words. But they've lost something.

They know the words, but they don't know the music.

You do. We know our Church is not a fraud. Some people in it, well, the Bear's not so sure.


  1. Excellent analysis! I agree that these prelates have lost their belief in the Church as divine and founded by Christ. I also wonder how many have then also lost the Faith entire. It's the only explanation for their behavior that makes any sense.
    We attended a liberal protestant church when our children were young ( actually it started out fairly solid but over a short time lost everything by accommodating the world.) We have been Catholics now for 10 years. I will never forget when my young daughter asked me - 'Mom what does the United Church believe about sex? Do they have any rules - I fear the day when the same can be asked about the Catholic Church.

  2. Dolan’s verbal affirmation of this now unabashedly sacrilegious display, while accepting the role of its Grand Marshal, has left me with a feeling of near-panic – even though his words, actions and INactions in recent months have amply indicated his willingness to throw the Faith under the bus when it comes to “out and proud” homosexuality.

    What has me not just near panic, but actually panicked, is the pulling [from the website of the Archdiocese of Washington] of Msgr. Charles Pope’s eloquent and unflinching commentary on the Dolan syndrome. Thank God for the alertness of those (Rorate Caeli among them) who saw, and managed to preserve, his words before they were unceremoniously yanked by some thug at the Archdiocese who apparently has the authority to censor remarks that defend our Faith but annoy the political correctness police.

    Yeah, I’m scared. It’s like we’re in a waking nightmare, forced to watch an atrocity being committed on our mother, the Church, and powerless to stop it.

  3. In the end what matters is what we do. It is starting to look like homosexuality is on its way to being normalized in (not by) the Church. We have to keep that distinction: in, not by. The good fish and the bad get caught in the same dragnet, the wheat and the tares grow in the same field. I don't even know which I am. It is all as was foretold by Our Lord. The real losers are homosexuals, who need correction. In Ezekiel, God warned that the watchmen who failed to correct sinners would suffer their punishment. So many Bishops are putting themselves in anger by acting like glad-handing pols instead of descendants of the Apostles.


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