Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bear Introdooces Gradualism

The Bear has discovered a wonderful new concept from the sin odd: gradualism. Shure there are roolz for spelling. And grammer. But they slow down blogging. The Bear does not propose getting rid of these roolz but hey he's just not gonna sweat the small stuff cuz he's a Bear on a Journey you know?


  1. Sin odd does resonate, doesn't it?

  2. IN

    Oh Kasper, so merry
    Catholic contrary
    How does our mortal sin grow?

    In our sodality
    So you’re in like Flynn, sin and go!”

  3. As usual, pithy, to the point, and lovely Long Skirts.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Bear.

    1. It shall run its course, as it always does, then I'll be posting three articles a day and writing two novels!

  4. Dee roolz of grammer no matter, dey ignored anywayz


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