Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bear Suffering From Ursine Distemper

Friends, the Bear just wanted to let you know why he has not been attending to his blogging. He is suffering from ursine distemper. It isn't fatal but does interfere with ordinary activities, and also blogging. Once before the Bear just disappeared, but he promises not to do that again. So he hopes that this bout will not last too long and he'll be back to cranking out third-rate commentary (that's a joke from a Vortex episode) before you know it.


  1. Please don't disappear. We need you now more than ever

  2. Hang in there. I hope the synod, apparently now in its early hours, does not make you more ill.

    St Luke pray for the Bear!

  3. Rest up until you're ready to roar again. We'll take care of the Enchanted Woods :-)


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