Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beau and Ava

Enough about saucy Aussies and Turkish seal shows. Let's have a farm report.

An Aussie of another sort.
Beau is much bigger since you last saw him. He has a funny habit of sitting back on his rump. He is still afraid of the goats, not a desirable trait in a herding dog,

Speaking of goats, the Bear feels a little sorry for Ava. She's our leggy little white Saanen dairy goat. She has a slightly crooked face that gives her a permanent, quizzical expression. She has a great zest for life which has led her to escape and explore the neighborhood. She enthusiastically tries to engage the other, bigger, goats, but they chase her away. Poor Ava.

Once we can breed her perhaps we'll have milk, and if we have milk, we can finally have soap.

We know what's real. You do, too. A Bear knows there are many side-shows on the outskirts of a circus, but only one center ring. A performing Bear must keep his eyes on the Tamer, so that, when the show ends, as all shows do, he will pat the Bear on the head and say, "Well done, good and faithful Bear," and. at long last, remove his muzzle, and remove his chain.

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  1. I'll stick with the Aussie of another sort. He's a keeper!


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