Monday, October 13, 2014

Michael Voris: Please Don't Leave Church

The Church Militant TV Facebook page ran this tonight:

We have heard various people say they may leave the Church because of all the confusion emanating from Rome. 
It would be a huge victory for Satan to get you to leave the One True Faith, the Church established by Our Lord, outside of which there is no salvation. 
Holy Mother Church is suffering--often at the hands of Her own sons. Do not abandon Her in Her hour of need. She needs soldiers who will stay and fight--through prayer, sacrifice, evangelism in word and deed. 
"Catholics are born for combat" (Pope Leo XIII)--and never more than now.

There is an irony -- in which no doubt the devil delights -- that legitimate organizations like Church Militant TV and disreputable old Bears are organs of demoralization among the faithful. The more we tell the truth, the worse everyone we meet feels. Many come to feel like chucking the whole thing and bolting for the SSPX, or Orthodoxy, or the franchise evangelical Church down the road, The Vibe, or The View, or whatever the one near you is called.

Readers know the Bear's apostolate of holy stubbornness: nail your foot the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there.

But isn't there something a little hypocritical in making people feel like running away, yet issuing an occasional disclaimer: WARNING! People who leave the Catholic Church are at an increased risk of hellfire.

For that matter, it is amazing how often keeping one's tongue is recommended in the Bible as a way of avoiding sin. We're not supposed to speak ill of others. We're supposed to edify our brothers and sisters.

Bless me Father, for I have blogged.

The Bear thinks the unspeakable and speaks the unthinkable. Do those of us who publish our clever little articles about the crisis in the Church have only the interest of our fellow Catholics at heart? Or, if we are completely honest, is there the thrill of the hunt, the killer instinct, the urge to gossip and plain old pride behind many of our pieces?

After all, we know what brings in the audience.

The Bear might write a careful article about how to get into praying the Divine Office, but he knows relatively few people will be interested. But (yet another) piece on POPE FRANCIS OMG HE'S DESTROYING THE CHURCH is going to provide a nice Pewsitter bump, generate lots of comments, and build the Bear's audience.

What a dilemma.

The Bear could docilely put on his muzzle and never breath another word about all the bad stuff going on in the Church. After all, it's not like there are no other places to find -- what was the term used by someone? -- "ecclesiastical porn."

And yet, before we all got to really know Pope Francis, this blog was pretty positive. We had fun with Herr Doktor Bear and his "All Dogs Go to Heaven (Unless They're Catholic)" explanation of Lumen Gentium, and the Bavarian Bible Bear. We had good, clean, fun.

Then he knocked our
marshmallows in the fire...
Then Pope Francis had to come along and spoil the picnic in the Big Clearing for the woodland creatures.

The Bear's tentative answer is that he didn't choose this beat. If he's going to be a Catholic blogger, though, things are going on that require one to pick a side. So, the Bear will continue to blog, and continue to blog Bearishly. But don't imagine it doesn't make him queasy from time to time.

And don't you dare think of leaving the Roman Catholic Church, whose Pope, such as he is, is Francis. Perhaps we might learn to develop a kind of pity, nay, even dim affection, for his obvious limitations. When I defended criminals in Cairo, Illinois, at the very tip of the state, the resolution of many a case began with a frank agreement that "he just ain't right."

Maybe we should all practice shaking our heads and saying, "God bless him, Pope Francis just ain't right."

And if you're still thinking of bolting, do you really want the humiliation of being dragged to Mass by a Bear?


  1. Thank you Bear! Thank you for not leaving the sheep when the shepherd has.
    There are lots of ways to work this without leaving the Church. We need to pray, consecrate and fast.

  2. As misery loves company, I come to Bear for reassurance that I'm not alone in feeling outraged out with this Pope. Thank you, Bear, for being here.
    For whatever it's worth: I read somewhere that Sandro Magister is reporting that Cdl. Erdo himself scandalized by that part of the document about homosexuals; putting the blame on a certain Abp. Bruno Forte, who "prevaricated" what Erdo claims was not even taken up in the Synod. But we all know it was coming! The report calls Abp. Forte the "Bugnini of the Synod."
    At any rate, I agree with you. Let's stay put at the foot of the Cross as Mother Church is being crucified by her own sons. Keep awake, seek shelter under Mary's mantle, pray...and watch the hierarchy and the Pope stew in their own juice.

  3. No chance I’m going to defect - I’m just resigned, for the moment, to hiding in the hedge while the beloved family home is trashed and desecrated by vandals.

  4. I'm not going to defect. Not place else to go.

    I have a different reaction than Jane Chantal. I don't want to hide even for a moment. I have to be very careful about my emotions at this point. Angry has pushed out the sad and resigned.

    I spent some time last night discussing the oratio with my 19 yo son and he gets the predicament we are in. My only advice to him was prayer and the Truth. Don't be afraid of those who will call you names and reject you. Being rejected by friends at 19 is a pretty serious thing for a kid who loves his pals.


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