Friday, October 17, 2014

New Poll

Update: Burke admits to being "demoted," and more at Rorate Caeli. While probably most of the Bear's readers are familiar with Rorate Caeli, they have really been indispensable during the Synod. Is it just the Bear, or have they really seemed to have gelled into a professional news outlet over the past few months? No, you won't be able to enjoy the "odor" of the Bear, as Pope Francis might say, but when you're done inhaling the complex bouquet of multifarious fragrances here, you might "walk" over to RC.

What does the Bear smell like? Of course, even his keen nose can't smell himself, but:

  • incense (sometimes)
  • fish
  • musk
  • blood (someone else's)
  • marmalade
  • napalm (don't even ask)

Please take a few seconds to participate in the Bear's new poll. He wants to know how negative news affects your steadiness in the Church. This is more than idle curiosity, because the last thing the Bear needs is to shake people's faith.

The Bear hopes you have enjoyed a chuckle or two while the news was particularly depressing.


  1. I've been a big fan of RC for the past 3 or so years. They got better, IMO, when they stopped allowing comments to be posted. Some of the comments were way off the hook. I was grateful.

    Yes. They are certainly the "go to" site for me for a measured, orthodox and accurate reporting on our Faith.

  2. Three votes in our house.
    2 vote incense
    1 says "How about Fishy Marmalade?"

    As for the bad news, my prayer life has never been more intense.
    Understanding that I do feel that traditional Catholics will become an underground church in the USA, the worse the news, the more I pray.

    1. Oh, yes, Fish Marmalade. You haven't LIVED until you've eaten freshly stol- er, baked bread slathered in FISH MARMALADE!

  3. Boy it sure seems the speech the Pope made at the end of the synod won't make anyone happy except for maybe Mark Shea. He said "so-called traditionalists" were rigid and hostile. But he also called out progressives and liberals for treating symptoms and not the causes.


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