Saturday, October 18, 2014

Synod Snapshots

"Pope Francis is harming the Church," quoth Michael Voris in his professional broadcaster's "headline voice." Of course, as you now probably know, the quote is from Cardinal Burke, our own Cardinal Ottaviani. Things are moving fast, faster than a pony with a Bear after it. So we'll do this in snapshot format.

You know in his heart of hearts, Michael Voris has felt that Pope Francis is harming the Church. It must have been very satisfying for him to, at long last, say it, even if they were someone else's words. The Bear does not expect this to signal a change from the "hey, nobody toucha the pope, capice?" policy. If anything, there is less reason now than before, after the Pope appears to be hoist on his own petard.

Cardinal Kasper and Edison-Talking-Machine-gate. This was his big show, one more chance to send his dodgy German theology down the Rhine and into the Tiber like a leaky WWI U Boat. Then, one of the least unfortunate remarks he makes triggers an outright lie.

Do people past a certain age (in Cardinal Kasper's case 81) really not just assume they're being recorded? Perhaps he did not recognize the iPhone's capabilities, and assumed he could tell Africa "don't call us, we'll call you." Talk about an unforced error. It certainly did not enhance his credibility. Maybe the Bergoglio circle assumes all journalists operate by the Scalfari rules -- no recording, no notes.

Cardinal Burke, on the other hand, was dignified and straightforward. Here is an Israelite in whom there is no guile! He was critical of the synod and -- in a measured way -- critical of the Pope. Suddenly it wasn't just crazies who had reservations about Pope Francis' agenda! He probably won't change any minds, but it's nice to be validated by someone of his stature, isn't it?

As for the synod cheerleaders, well, the cheer must be pretty complicated now to cover secrecy, lies, palace plots, not to mention sharp deviations from Catholic teaching.

Hey, hey, ho, ho,
Africans have got to go!
It wasn't me, no, no,
I never said they have to go!

Ho, ho, hey, hey,
We must value what is gay!
Marriage eight or marriage nine?
Step in the communion line!

etc., etc.

So, at the end of the synod, what do we know that we didn't know going in?

The Bear thinks we correctly smelled the intent months ago, but we -- at the least the Bear -- were surprised at both the boldness and ineptness. We accept that Roman games are played by old men, but perhaps some are just a little too old for such a revolution.

Before the synod we had suspicions, and our instincts were sound. What's different is we have evidence. If soon-to-be canonized Pope Paul VI was Hamlet, kindly old Grandfather Bergogilo has been unmasked as Nixon.

Finally, we must not forget these are determined men carried by the wave of worldly opinion who know time is running out. We have not heard the last of homosexual acceptance, and communion for divorced and remarried for one reason: Pope Francis wants those things very badly and will do anything to get them.


  1. Even as a liberal, I have to agree that Cardinal Burke was very gracious in his response to his sacking.

    The most interesting thing to come out of this synod for me was that the Bishop of Rome seems to like being Pope now. It was not for nothing that he reminded everyone in his speech that he has, “supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church”.

    The next year should be a wild ride.

    1. I don't know that "like" is the right word for the papacy. He certainly has an agenda, and we have seen that beneath the friendly exterior is a man who does not scruple at using, shall we say, stacking the deck in what was supposed to be a friendly game of poker.

      The Bear hopes that this has been a reality check for the man. "Diplomacy is the art of the possible," he has said, calling to mind the song from Evita about Juan Peron's power plays: "Politics is the art of the possible."

      There will be no illusions on either side next time. Here's why this bodes ill for the grand designs of the Bergoglio-Kasper axis. They rely on two weapons: preparation, surprise and ruthlessness. Let me try that again: three are the weapons... alright, you know the joke. But in all seriousness, they expected to steamroller the council in secret and deal the relatio from their sleeve as a fait accompli.

      In some ways, the game plan was very Vatican II. But the response was not. This time they did not have such a majority, and, perhaps, we'll never know what else turned the course of events.

      At least in this country (I don't know how things work elsewhere) secret meetings in "smoke-filled rooms" have a bad odor, to turn a Bergoglioism. I don't think that will be tolerated in the future, at least not without a protest.

      But, Pope Francis has an enormous reserve of good will among the casually-informed. It can probably stand whatever losses incurred by what was probably to be the signature achievement of his papacy ("two, maybe three years" -- you remember). Inside the Church, though, people will be emboldened to network against Cardinals' personal hobby horses like valuing homosexual orientation and communion for divorced and remarrieds.

  2. It's been our amazing luck that Kasper turned out to be a classic Bond villain, unable to resist the old Just Between You And Me gloating about his dastardly plan:

    Mr Bond, while you wait for your impending doom, let me tell you at great length vat my plan is. Zose fools in ze College of Cardinals don't know that the pope himself--Ja! Ze Holy Fazzer himself!--is ze real mastermind behind zis change. He has zo arranged matters that the Synod Fazzers will be presented wiz a document zat zey vill be expected to approve ... if zey do not vant to end up like Cardinal Burke, zat is. Because, you see, he needs ze appearance of ze bishops' support to make ze changes he vants. By ze time zey figure out vat has happened, it will be too late! Hahahahahaha! Zen vat can zey do? Sic ze Africans on us? Ooh, ze scary, scary Africans! Don't hurt me, Africans!

    Wait. Is zat ... a voice recorder?

    Obviously, they won't be able to use Kasper in the sequel. The bad news is it's all spin and machinations from here on out. Anyone want to start a pool on how long Pell and Mueller remain in their positions?

    1. If I was a betting man, I think Pell will stay but Mueller will be replaced at the CDF by Bruno Forte.

  3. With masterminds like Kasper, who needs enemies, which might have been what the Holy Spirit was thinking all along. It is hard to see Mueller staying on, but since Forte is known as the author of the homosexual language that started things falling off the Franciscan Express, it is hard to imagine him at CDF. What scandal THAT would be! I suspect Francis will be nice for a long while as he sets up his dominoes again.

  4. And I think he will set up his dominoes again! Do you think that 'hardliner' Cardinal Burke will be invited to the next party? Can you believe all this is happening from the pope? I mean some of us suspected but hated the fact that we would even suspect the Vicar of Christ. When he ousted holy and faithful prelates from their positions and put known 'liberals' in them and surrounded himself with such men who are loose cannons spouting off and claiming (and seem to have) his support. When there are those arranged humble moments like driving in a Kia but many Euros spent on the nice place ride or the stopping to have filmed a hugging of someone in a wheelchair--it is all show. And on October 13th the LIE of the summary came out. On another October 13th in Akita the holy (and persecuted) little nun heard from Our Lady that there would be bishops against bishops. An earlier October 13th saw the sun spin. And once upon a time a holy victim soul of a nun said there would be corruption in the Church to the top. (B. Anne Catherine Emmerich) We are there, folks. The enemy is within which has been the case but not to this extent. Whether it is sodomites, masons, or communists--they have power in their hands. What do we do? Pray like never before! Spend more hours consoling the Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and beg Him to see to His Bride, the Church. Live an intense sacramental life and always, always be in a state of grace. And buckle up.


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