Monday, October 13, 2014

The Dogma That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Update: Church Militant TV (i.e. Michael Voris' outfit) has run a warning on their Facebook feed that no Catholic should consider leaving the Church. Some of the comments raise disinformation one finds in connection with the dogma of "no salvation outside the Church." Some have claimed that it means no salvation except through the Church and her merits; actual membership is optional.

Others have floated the old Protestant idea of "the invisible Church of believers," where those outside of the Church might be more Catholic than those inside. Language in the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium is often cited for the proposition that "all dogs go to heaven."

Then we have Catholic superstar Fr. Robert Barron opining that there is a reasonable hope that all are saved. (He doesn't explain why Jesus taught the opposite.)

Make no mistake. The language is plain. Like it or not, it is what the Church has defined as dogma no less than three times. If you don't like it, then chuck infallibility out the nearest window. What you do with whatever you have left is up to you, but it won't be Catholic.

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Here's a good collection of material on the Dogma That Dare Not Speak Its Name, a.k.a. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, or No Salvation Outside the Church.

It is clear that EENS, as we'll call it for convenience's sake, is no longer taught, and presumably no longer believed by anyone that matters.

Since this is the case, somebody really needs to do some historical and intellectual heavy lifting and explain authoritatively just why something taught as clearly as EENS was never a dogma of the Church, but, rather, merely a mistaken idea held by many. Such as, oh, popes and everybody else in the Church.

Because right now the Bear cannot explain how the Church could be wrong then, but right now.

For a Church that has relied on intellectual rigor, it is really unforgivable to be so sloppy, but not surprising these days. To be perfectly honest, the unspoken message is, yes, we admit we proclaimed a false dogma in the past, but we don't do it anymore. We were wrong then, but we're right now.

So much for your infallible Church.

The alternative -- that the Church was right on the dogma of EENS, and wrong now -- is too horrible for the Franciscan Church to contemplate. That would mean that the Church is encouraging billions of souls to be happy outside of the Church, lulling them into a false sense of confidence in their salvation, and ignoring Christ's commandment to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all peoples.

This is the legal principle of "desuetude" in action. Nothing is ever stricken from the books, but it is just ignored, and allowed to die a slow, lingering death.

It appears that the Church's teaching on divorce and remarriage will suffer the same fate. Do not expect anyone to come right out and say the Church is changing its teachings. After all, it can't be seen as doing that, can it? But changed they will be. How many English martyrs died for a doctrine that fell from the very lips of Christ, that will now be discarded by the brood of vipers now gathered in Rome?

Note that both doomed doctrines must go in order for the Church to be more Protestant.

Desuetude. The dishonest game of the Modernist Church.

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