Thursday, October 16, 2014

Verbum, Divine Office and Universalis

Just a quick reminder about Verbum, and some other resources for your computer or tablet.

Verbum is a program that ingests Catholic content such as Bibles (DR, RSV, RSVCE, NRSV, NABRE) and commentaries (e.g. Haydock's or Navarre), as well as patristics, the catechism, encyclopedias, Denzinger, councils, spiritual classics... pretty much anything you want (and care to pay for). It is all indexed, and there are a staggering number of markup options. This means it is actually useful, instead of just sitting there.

One neat trick is clicking on a word for a word study in Hebrew or Greek!

On your laptop, you can open multiple resources, each in their own panel. Even on your tablet you can open two panes. That way you can have your Bible at the top, and your commentary on the bottom, as an example.

The apps are free at your favorite app store, and you can start out with a Bible and a few other resources for cheap. If you like it, you can expand your library. It can get pricey, but that's entirely up to you.

Divine Office is another app the Bear plugs from time to time, because: (a) it's good; and (b) the Divine Office is a great way to pray through the day. They say they are replacing the "dramatic" readings that set the Bear's and others' teeth on edge with straight-up readings. They are also including some talent from the British Isles, as well. In case it isn't clear, what sets Divine Office apart is that there is audio, both for the hymn and the prayers. The idea is that you "pray along."

You can also pray the Divine Office free from their website on your computer.

Finally, there is Universalis, another digital solution to the Breviary. It does not have audio, but does not require an internet connection like the Divine Office app.

Any or all of these are worthwhile to own and use, as does the Bear.

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