Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And Catholics Complained Back Then, Too

In the woodland many centuries ago, one might have heard the following.

Stag:  Did you hear they made Martin of Tours a saint?

Beaver:  Really? How was he martyred?

Stag:  That's just it. He wasn't martyred at all!

Beaver:  Not martyred? You have to have been martyred to be a saint!

Stag: Apparently not anymore.

Beaver: Ah, me. What's the Church coming to?

Happy feast day of St. Martin of Tours, an uncommonly brave Roman soldier who is famed for cutting his magnificent cloak in two so he could share half with a nearly naked beggar.

He became a "conscientious objector" when he refused to fight some Gauls, although said he was willing to march out alone and unarmed for the sake of Christ. He was released from military service and went on to lead a long life in the service of the Church Militant.

He is the patron of beggars, tailors and wool weavers (due to the adventure of the cloak) and also soldiers. Add to that geese!

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