Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Death Penalty Poll

So more of the Bear's readers favor the death penalty than not.

The Bear can't say he's surprised since his audience certainly runs to the conservative side of the Church, and there is a correlation between "Church politics" and secular politics. (The Bear is still mulling over why that might be.)

When the Bear thinks of the Ft. Hood shooter, his every impulse is to wish for his destruction. Other cases do not provoke that reaction. And, indeed, we do not seek to execute every convicted murderer.

The Bear's ethical framework is what he falls back on when it comes to the issue. He certainly wants to see Hassan executed, but the reason we have ethics is to get us through those situations where we want what is not right. (And if you say that begs the question, every ethical issue requires some preliminary calls.) So while the Bear might dearly love to satisfy his urge for some very messy Special Bear Time with Hassan, the Bear's ethics check him.

The Bear (once again) does not say the Church demands a particular position, although recently it has certainly trended against the death penalty. The Bear believes there are good (and bad) arguments on both sides.

And if the Bear ever needs to be put down, just leave a couple of bottles of Nembutal and a tray of very dry gin martinis on the nightstand. Why we seem to have such problems with getting people dead is beyond a Bear's imagination. Even a garotte is lights out after ten seconds, and the guillotine does it in one whack.

And we'll leave it at that!

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