Friday, November 7, 2014

The End Game is the Eucharist: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Follow the Bear's logic here.

If the Church says divorced and remarried Catholics can take communion, what does that really mean?

It does not contradict Jesus' saying that one who has been divorced (except for sexual sin) and remarries commits adultery. Such people are still in adulterous relationships, and always will be, as sad as that is for them, unless they commit to live like brother and sister.

What it says is that adulterers, in our imperfect world, are welcome to receive the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord, even where they have no intention of amending their lives.

Isn't this at least as much of an attack on the Holy Eucharist, the Real Presence, than on marriage?

As for homosexuality, the sin itself is being attenuated and even inverted as some sort of gift before which all must stand in awe. Ultimately, however, this, too, is the same attack on the Eucharist.

The move, then, is really to bring unrepentant sinners to the altar.

How else could the experiments of the last fifty years be expected to end? That the Mass is a sacrifice is the world's greatest secret. No, since Vatican II it has been a meal. Perhaps Bears are just more sensitive to ritual, but the difference between the Old Mass and the New Mass are striking, and it isn't just Latin, or which way the priest is facing.

But wait. Even now, hardly anyone goes to confession, yet virtually everybody shambles up to grab a host. Would it be wrong to say that we're already bringing unrepentant sinners to the altar? Is anything really changing, other than, perhaps, we're being a bit more blatant about it?

Maybe it won't come to this. Maybe the next conclave will figure it's time for a popely pope, perhaps an Italian. In the meantime, every week, we'll hear Pope Francis campaign for the next synod, talking about wicked Pharisees with all their rules, and how we should accept people in love. (Hint: Pharisees = you and me.)

Is opening the communion line to unrepentant, public sinners a prelude to opening it to (presumably) virtuous non-Catholics? The Bear knows priests would would just love to see that.


  1. Yes. It's actually an attack on three sacraments at one go: Matrimony, Penance, and Eucharist. Marriage would become dissoluble, Confession would no longer require a firm purpose of amendment, and adherence to Church teaching would no longer be required to receive Communion. There would be no grounds by which we could continue to refuse Communion to cohabiting or same-sex couples, porn addicts, protestants, Muslims, or atheists. Or anyone at all. This one minor pastoral tweak world bring the whole edifice down.

  2. I have said this from the attack on the Eucharist is EXACTLY what this is. And Murray is correct......not only on the Eucharist but on Marriage and Reconcilliation as well. Bishop Schneider was correct as well..........'The Church is headed for a MAJOR SCHISM'.

  3. May God intervene. After all, the sin-nod was pre-planned to bring this garbage out in the open and now if you disagree, why, you are against the pope! But these are very old men, these modernists and things can happen in a year's time to old people. I visit a senior center, I know. Will C. Pell and Muller be around to speak the truth? Why not just join up with the Anglicans or Evangelicals that the pope loves so much???

    The attack on the Franciscans of the Immaculate was one of the opening salvos.

  4. We can't say Our Blessed Mother didn't warn us, because she did: At LaSalette, at Fatima, at Akita [all approved by the Church.] The Church will be in eclipse, there will be chaos even at the very top: Bishops against Bishops, Cardinals against Cardinals, etc.

    There's a war going on inside and outside the Church. What to do? Stand strong at the foot of the Cross while the Church is being crucified by her own sons. Seek protection under Mary's mantle.

    As the Church Militant, we must fight with our weapons: Pray the Rosary everyday. Go to Mass often - to the traditional Latin Mass, if it's available - or even if you have to hold your noses, to the [still] valid and legitimate Novus Ordo.

    Pray, do penance. [At Lourdes, St. Bernadette said Our Lady asked for "Penance, penance, penance."] And give alms to the poor.

    Don't lose hope. In the end, Our Mother's Immaculate Heart will triumph.

  5. Q. What is subject to change?

    A. Anything necessary to destroy the Church.

  6. Yep, this is exactly what this is all about Pete......'Destroy the Church with whatever necessary'. Bishop Athanasius Schneider said it best. 'These proposals(from the Sin Od) are paganism at it's best'. If you know anything about 'Freemasonry', the philosophy and 'buzz words' you keep coming across from Kasper and gang are in lock step with Freemasons. And yes, Marie, the Blessed Mother has warned us about Freemasons entering the Church even to it's summit. We are now living her words.


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