Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bishop: Homosexual Unions Holy

Thus spake Bishop Robert Lynch of Tampa. Just to be clear, this is a Catholic Bishop.
Therefore, I do not wish to lend our voice to notions which might suggest that same-sex couples are a threat incapable of sharing relationships marked by love and holiness and, thus, incapable of contributing to the edification of both the church and the wider society.

In the midst of changing societal definitions and understandings of marriage, there may no doubt be some confusion. However, with patience and humility, our church must continuously strive to discover what the spirit is saying and respond to the Synod Fathers' suggestion to discern what pastoral response faithful to church teaching and marked by respect and sensitivity might be appropriate for same-sex couples, even as God's creative designs for and the church's sacramental understanding of marriage are affirmed.
Granted, he sugar-coated it by a reaffirmation of the special place real marriage has in the Church, but calling habitual sodomy "holiness" is the first outrage of 2015. (Granted, the Bear has been hibernating, so he may have missed something.)

Note how he cites the Synod as his authority. Voting down the pro-homosexuality language? Never happened. Why, it's still in the book, isn't it?

The Bear is going to borrow O'Sullivan's law and apply it to current circumstances.

Any organization that is not expressly anti-homosexuality will become pro-homosexuality.

Being pro-homosexuality is, from a cynical viewpoint, a consequence-free means of polishing your diversity credentials and raising your credibility in a perverted generation. Can you imagine what would have happened to a bishop who talked like this in 1962? In today's Church, it's a resume bullet.

Homosexuals make up 1.6% of the population, according to the CDC. But that is the thin edge of a wedge with tremendous cultural pressure behind it. It is doubtful that our prelates have the courage or even the desire to resist unhinging key Catholic teachings.

Starting with the sexual abuse scandal, homosexuality has been Satan's go-to pitchfork to bleed the Church white. It is incredible to watch the Church surrender to this assault, right before our eyes. The gates of Hell shall not prevail, but in the meantime, we shall see horrors.

Welcome to 2015.


  1. We need Cardinal Burke to keep speaking out.

  2. "The gates of Hell shall not prevail"

    The "gays" of Hell shall not prevail!

  3. Mr. Voris addresses this too:

    Lynch also is anti adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Doesn't anyone see a great problem with this man? He had to pay out, what was it?, 100G for harassing another man. If it quacks like a duck....

  4. Lynch was also terrible during the Terri Schiavo ordeal. He remained rather wishy-washy, never stood up to say her parents should have custody. Never condemned her unfaithful husband. The family begged him time and again to speak out. He refused. His statement upon her death remained wishy-washy.


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