Sunday, January 11, 2015

For the Bear Who Has Everything

The Bear's creative daughter made him this nice Bible bookmark for Christmas.

It has the Bear's favorite Bible story, in which two heroic bears break up a mob of murderous youths menacing the prophet Elisha.

If there were more bears around, there would be a lot less nonsense.

Speaking of animals, Zoar is home to many. The winter took Deuce's twin goat-brother yesterday, despite our best efforts. Life is real on a farm, and so is death.

Then sometimes you just have to laugh. Our barn cat Buttercat enjoys "visiting" the other cats on the outskirts of Zoar, and eating their food.

Today a very irate man drove up and accosted Mrs. Bear. It seems that Buttercat had committed a home invasion. He entered through our neighbor's pet door, beat up their cats, and ate their food right out of their bowls. Stolen water is sweet, and cat food eaten in secret is tastier.

An argument might be made that if you choose to build your house next to a farm, you are estopped from complaining about farmy things like chickens on your lawn, noisy goats or barn cats. After all, we were here first. The Bear seems to remember some sort of legal principal to that effect.

Nevertheless, it is better to live as peacefully as possible with one's neighbors. Buttercat will get a short trial as a housecat, but the Bear is dubious.


  1. I'm VERY dubious!

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the Zoar news. It's much more enjoyable than the world news, despite cat-committed home invasions.

  2. long time; no OK Bear?....or just utterly burned-out?....


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