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Pope Behind Replacement of Rejected Synod Propositions

UPDATE: This story was originally posted a couple of days ago and accidentally got deleted today. Since Pewsitter had linked to it, I wanted to be sure to repost it (luckily, it was open on another device). See below for more recent content. Sorry for the confusion.

Until now we suspected, but, according an article in Lifesite News, Synod showrunner Cardinal Baldisseri has confirmed that Pope Francis personally approved publishing controversial propositions that had failed to get the required two-thirds majority vote.

“It was the Pope’s decision to include the points that did not receive the two-thirds majority,” he said. 
“The Pope said: ‘These three points received an absolute majority. They were therefore not rejected with a ‘no,’ as they received more than 50 percent approval. They are therefore issues that still need to be developed. We as a Church want a consensus. These texts can be modified, that’s clear. Once there has been further reflection, they can be modified.”

Which presents the question: why have a two-thirds requirement to begin with if the Pope can waive it just because he wants to?

Cardinal Baldisseri revealed the mentality of Francis and his handpuppets:

He assured the 300 conference attendees that “there’s no reason to be scandalized that there is a cardinal or a theologian saying something that’s different than the so-called ‘common doctrine.’ This doesn’t imply a going against. It means reflecting. Because dogma has its own evolution; that is a development, not a change.” 

If it were not so dangerous, Baldisseri's doublespeak would beg ridicule. (Why, say "evolution" and wave your hand and anything can happen!)

Bear in mind what dogma is. Dogma is unchangeable. It is not subject to "development" when some ecclesiastical grifters set up their shell game.  Dogma may be studied and even reformulated, if need be, but cannot be changed, even if "change" is called "development."

Perhaps if the Pope can entertain a genitally mutilated man calling himself a woman, he thinks he can mutilate the deposit of faith and call it "evolution."

Catholics are forced into an unpleasant hope: that the credibility of many of their fellow Catholics, from the lowliest Patheos blogger to the Pope himself, hemorrhage credibility in 2015. That sounds brutal, but the sooner no one takes these people seriously anymore, the better off the Church will be.

The Bear is hopeful that the Pope's encyclical on climate change will be flat-out crazy. Don't say it can't happen. Global warming is powerful hoodoo to even stable intellects. What it might bring out in an eccentric is anyone's guess.

The Emperor has no clothes. We've all said it. We need to keep saying it. Every rabbit counts.


  1. The emperor has no clothes is an apt observation. But Francis will take this to a new level such that all the rabbits will have no clothes either, and they will say all is well. And that will ultimately be declared as infallible by using a lying version of the the Sensus Fidelium.

    Watch how these surveys used by the bishops before the Synod will be declared as the Sensus Fidelium of the people. What do those surveys show? Mass apostasy, as the Bible prophesies. So when the modernist prelates push the sins as we saw at the October 2014 Synod, prelates all hand-picked by Francis of course, we have both the apostate prelates and the apostate people all agreeing on the new doctrine ignoring sin under the guise of Mercy. Of course it will be sold as a lie too - just new merciful pastoral practice as an application of doctrine, as Cardinal Weurl of Wash DC said in an interview. And remember that Francis approved of the deviation from real doctrine in the Synod Relatio. And remember that the simple MAJORITY of prelates voted FOR sin, as even Abp. Cupich of Chicago noted, although not the 2/3 majority. No matter, Francis has that published anyway, after all, it's the Sensus Fidelium.

    Yes, 2015 will be a real barn-burner for the Church, and it is highly likely that the great schism will occur shortly after the October 2015 Synod, but certainly not too much beyond that.

    Lastly, we Catholic faithful will be called the new dissenters, and given that we will refuse to approve of sin with the new dogmatic Sensus Fidelium, we will be the ones "excommunicated" as the new heretics. I consider that a great honor.

    Too far-fetched? Watch and see.

  2. If Cardinal Baldisseri's truly asinine effusion is what passes for doctrinally accurate theology in Rome these days, Heaven help us ! He would have been sent away with a flea in his ear, if he had come out with such nonsense 60 years ago.

    Just one caution (which I've not seen elsewhere): we have to be careful lest - on our part at least, whatever Francis & Co. do - the talk of division in the Church, etc., becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nothing can justify that, ever. To cause divisions in the Church is an unspeakable crime, and those who do it risk eternal damnation. Unrepentant schismatics have their portion in the everlasting fire that is prepared for the devil and his angels - not with Christ. People talk of schism, but how often do they really consider well what it involves ?

    There are too many rifts in the Church as it is - to add to them is unthinkable. We must not be infected by the Calvinist itch to break communion with others because we do not approve of them - that itch produces nothing but endless splintering. Rash zeal suffocates charity, when it is charity that is essential for maintaining the bonds of communion with one another.


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