Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What the Frack?

If the Bear didn't toss off articles during commercial breaks in The Bachelor, he might write as well as this at First Things. According to Maureen Mullarkey, these were not just two harmless crackpots who shoved an anti-fracking T-shirt into the distracted pope's hands. The older gentleman on the right, Fernando Solanas, is a socialist politician and self-described film propagandist from Buenos Aires. This was planned, something the Pope wanted to do. You can read more here, at A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics. (Thanks to reader Murray.)

You'll want to read the whole story at the two links. The Pope's upcoming Ecocyclical looks to be an unappealing mixture of socialist red and Captain Planet green.

We already know everything we need to know about Pope Francis. No, he's not an Antipope. The Bear is confident that the Church will survive his erratic meddling.Who knows, going green may do some good. The quickest way to be relegated to the shadowy alleys of Crank Town is to go on the Sharknado world tour with Bono. The science has become so politicized it may never have predictive value. To jump on the climate change bandwagon may prove the dumbest PR stunt since the Church slapped down Galileo.

That's Pope Francis for you.

But the moral of this particular story is when the apologists turn out with their "who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" routine, go with your eyes. As for fracking, the Bear has no experience that qualifies him to say one thing or another. Therefore, he uses his "The same people who..." rule. (The same people who are hysterical about dodgy climate arguments, love Obama, are pro-abortion, etc. are against fracking, therefore the dangers are unproven at best.)

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