Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Does the Pope Hate Babies?

In all the fun about rabbits, we should remember something more sinister. The Pope seemed to suggest three as the ideal number of children, because that number, he said, had something to do with the replacement rate. Actually, that would be 2.1 children in industrialized countries. Top Vatican scientists are no doubt working on creating one-tenth of a child.

Why would the Pope be interested in the replacement rate?

What is "responsible" the code-word for?

The most likely answer probably has nothing to do with high fees for C-section-happy OB-GYNs. The Bear suspects the Pope harbors the bourgeois prejudice against large families, always disguised in high-minded buzzwords. He probably likes to use terms like "sustainability," and "climate change." (Works whether it gets warmer or cooler.) Pope Francis, for all his celebrity, seems to have an outlook unusually constricted by his times for a Pope. Perhaps that is the secret of his success.

And what is he thinking about as he puts the final touches on his Ecocyclical coming out in March?

Perhaps the Argentine lesbians with their one baby are the ideal New Catholic family. That's two breeders less to worry about. Planet saved!

Back to the Pope's comments. As the father of a large family, the Bear does not have to imagine the casual malice of complete strangers. At one time we had three in diapers, and another not far out of them.

"Double trouble!" they would yell at the twins, as if they somehow had the right to comment on our family. (It was never, "double blessing!") "Do you know what causes it?" Ah, the peals of laughter that would follow the 300th time we heard that one. Not. (More than once the Bear had to bite his tongue to keep from replying, "Don't you know how to do it?")

Fortunately, no one ever scolded us about breeding like rabbits, or he might have gotten his jawbone ripped off.

The only place our large family was appreciated was in Sicily, where men would grin and say "stallone!" in a tone of admiration. (Italians don't breed either, although at least they get it -- partly.)

At the bottom of all this baby-hating is, the Bear suspects, the imbecilic idea that children can only be raised by taking resources from someone else.  But children are a resource, at least most of them will be, once they grow up. They will fix your plumbing, perform your by-pass, and be your Pope. If you have them, that is. Heck, even criminals allowed the Bear to raise his family.

But if you can't be bothered with children, throw open the borders and turn your childless socialist paradise over to the Morlocks. But be prepared to live under their terms.

Right now, the sole sign of life in the Church is the philoprogenitive traditionalists: counter-cultural to the core in a wicked generation. This is one race the West can't afford for the rabbits to lose.


  1. Here is something that may be a bit off-topic...but OTOH, all these things are linked. I just got back from a stint at the old family homestead across the bay from San Francisco, where this story made the evening news: SF Archbishop Cordileone has given permission to the pastor of Star of the Sea Catholic Church to restrict the role of serving at the altar to males only (deo gratias!). No more altar girls. Of course, the news segment prominently featured (surprise!) a number of parents and girls whining about the unfairness and backwardness of it all. The microphone only managed to find its way to ONE person speaking in support of the new policy: the priest who had requested it. He noted that, in spite of years of political correctness, attendance at Mass had become so poor that the parish can only go in one direction: up.

    My point, if course, is that if boys no longer were turned off to serving at the altar due to its having -- per Basic Human Psychology 101 -- become a Girl Thing, we would eventually start seeing some spiritual stallones shepherding parishes again. And that, in turn, would encourage Catholic husbands and wives to once again live the fullness of their marital vocation.

    Call it the Sicilian Stratagem :-D

  2. Indeed there is so much that is interrelated. I was also struck by the Pope's assertion that there were"many" ways for Catholics to limit their families. Really? Pray tell. It is just another example of the culture eating the Church, instead of the Church enlightening the culture. The anti-family forces say the fewer children the better, so the Church must go along lest it seem Medieval. Perhaps Pope Francis formed an association between large families and poverty in Argentina and lacks a broader perspective.

  3. "This is one race the West can't afford for the rabbits to lose."

    A wonderful commentary!

  4. I don't know Bear....I think the rest did you a world of good. You sound like a suited-up warrior for God these days. Looks like you've been reading Ephesians 6 before the Blessed Sacrament.

    Your posts keep getting better and better.....

  5. This is beautiful.
    Understand that this is also hurtful to those mothers who, pregnancy after pregnancy, have babies who don't make it out of the womb alive.
    Because he didn't say that the baby inside her is "irresponsible" the "risky" pregnancy was.
    Those of us who God blessed with only two, look longingly at the big families. I love my kids, I wish there were more of them.

    1. Aww, I'm sorry. We had more than three, but my biggest regret is not having a couple more. We shouldn't second-guess God's blessings though. The value of our families do not depend on the size. It is the big-picture demographics that the Bear was speaking about.

    2. Also... the Bear does not believe C-sections are any riskier than normal delivery. In fact, When we had our twin cubs the doctor wanted to do a C-section because birth ("from below" was the polite term) was consider riskier.

      And with your permission, you shall be the woodland's Rabbit. We have a Badger and the Bear doesn't remember what all else.

    3. You also have a Beaver. Who lost more children from miscarriage than were born alive (two).

      So I don't qualify as a rabbit, but as a would-be rabbit...

    4. That is so sad. I can't even imagine such joy turned to such sadness. I just finished the book of Job, again, and sometimes there is just no answer except God. Not God "is" or God "does," just God, which can't satisfy us in this life, but we can trust.

    5. Exactly - that's the only answer. And the more you dwell on it, the richer it becomes.


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