Friday, February 20, 2015

Catholic Life Hack

The Bear has a very small table by his couch upon which sits a fancy book rest. It has a base, a stand, and a slanted flat piece with a ledge at the bottom. It does a wonderful job of holding the Bear's Bible or other book while the Bear takes a load off his back.

It looks sort of like this, but is light-colored, and has a lot of fancy cut-out work.

It is put together with screws, and the Bear noticed the stand part was loose. He replaced the screw with a longer screw after putting a matchstick in the hole. Somehow the new screw broke, flush with the wood. Not only that, but the Bear knocked the book ledge off, rendering it useless!

They don't let Bears take wood shop, so he's not much with tools and what not. Eventually, he hammered a bunch of nails through the back into the ledge, which seemed to have fixed that problem at least. The base has two guide-dowels that position the base. (The broken screw was supposed to be the thing that actually held it together.)

The dowels will hold it for now, but tomorrow I'm going to get some longer finishing nails and hammer the base into the stand. Somehow.

Anyway, the Bear can heartily recommend such a setup, especially if you spend a lot of time studying.

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