Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fr. Peyton Draws Half Million Catholics to Rosary Rally In SF

There are many Catholics who remember the pre-Vatican II Church. It seems ages ago, a distant epoch in Church history.  But it was not that long ago. Priest faced God, the language was Latin. You could trust the Church, the Pope, the prelates, to tell you what the Church teaches, not whatever happened to cross their mind the moment a microphone was put in front of them.

In 1961, Father Patrick "The Family That Prays Together Stays Together" Peyton led a rosary rally in San Francisco. It drew half a million people to Golden Gate Park and was attended by dignitaries.

Fr. Peyton's Rosary Rally in San Francisco, 1961

What happened in the decades following Fr. Peyton's rally is the same thing that is happening right now. There's a precise word for it: evil. "Bitter clingers," the old men of Vatican II have sunk their cold, yellow talons into the Church, determined to do as much damage as possible before death brings their sorry careers to a welcome close.

When they're gone, the faithful must pick up whatever remains of their Church -- a pitiful remnant, to be sure -- and reclaim it. Everything that marks the modern Church must go up in a bonfire of the vanities. Ugly, modern churches must face the wrecking ball. Protestantized Masses must be replaced with the old form. Homosexuality and modernism must be thoroughly rooted out of seminaries. Let's see the Index of Forbidden Books make a come-back. Demand that Catholic universities be Catholic. Oh the howls will be music to the Bear's ears! Let's do a thousand different things to build a fortress Church that does not engage the world in endless, whining "dialogue," but marches forth to conquer it.

In short, let's be the Church our enemies think we are, the one that makes Satan shrink in fear.

A lot of damage has been done since 1961, when Fr. Peyton led a half million Catholics in the Golden Gate Park in saying the rosary. Something of that spirit must have survived We've to to start getting serious. The biological solution is overrated. The second wave of clerics is not much better than the first.


  1. My gosh Bear, you have been speaking of late with the power and zeal of a true apostle. Preach it my brother Bear....the woods are indeed on fire, but He gives us all the means we need and more to quench the flames, if we but will use them.

    Not all the woodland creatures will care once awakened to the danger; in fact some will growl and hiss at you for sounding the alarm (no doubt some already have). But there are some, and their numbers are not insignificant, who will rise to the call once roused. Preach it my brother Bear!

    This is another really well written, well thought-out piece. It's pretty clear where we are, and we need to be the wall.....

  2. A fortress Church -- oh yes, that is what the cathedrals of old say to us, all these centuries later.

  3. Oh, how many of us wish this could be today, Lord?


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