Sunday, February 1, 2015

Left Behind

Bears sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed. This morning, the Bear was running a little late for Mass. Nonetheless, he eventually trundled downstairs, said Lauds and had a delicious omelet prepared by his mate. Just has he was wiping his muzzle before arising from the table to get dressed, he was surprised to hear his mate say, "Bye!"

There he was in his robe and slippers, a napkin hanging from his paw, as his mate and son drove off, feeling like Humphrey Bogart watching Paul Henreid and Ingrid Bergman fly off at the end of Casablanca.

Now, the Bear had every intention of going to Mass. In fact, he made the heroic effort of actually getting out of bed and coming downstairs for a second cup of coffee. But, the fact remains that he didn't.

In the pre-Franciscan Church, this would probably be a sin. The Bear knew he had to go to Mass, and in fact was looking forward to it. He should have gone to bed early, and not hit the snooze button. Good intentions are not enough.

But Pope Francis would undoubtedly say, "If a Bear is really sleepy, but seeks God and has a good will, who am I to judge?"

Oh, bother.


  1. Are there any nearby parishes with a Sunday evening Mass? There are something like three fairly close to me that I have to use on drill weekends.

  2. I guess you didn't get any snow to speak of, which, if significant, could have nixed your obligation. We did a vigil, just in case. But all of StL Metro was circled by snow and rain. We finally got a brief downpour at 6 am. Woke up puppy who was ready to eat breakfast!

  3. No, no Sunday late Masses, and no snow excuse. It was really a misunderstanding between the Bear and his missus. He assumed she knew he was going to Mass, and she assumed he wasn't.

  4. A time to be grateful for the sacrament of confession :-)

  5. Bear, frankly this posting in the woods has haunted me. Why would the missus assume you were not assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

    1. My back had gone out and I was heavily medicated. I believe I had told her that I was in no shape to go, but rallied. Since I was up and about, I assumed she knew I was going. But since she knew I was having back problems and I had earlier said I was unfit for duty, she was operating on old information. I thought it was strange for her to take off like that, but she can be very um, focused.

  6. Understood, Bear. Charity required me to assume nothing negative which is why I asked. May God heal you in all things.


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