Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not Your Church, Not Your Mass

By now you have probably heard about the Superbowl "Seahawk Mass." The Bear won't belabor the wrongness of this. Res ipsa loqitur, as the lawyers say.

Here is the root cause of liturgical abuse, and novel "pastoral solutions" to everything, Many clerics forget that the holy sacrifice of the Mass, and the Church herself do not belong to them.

The Church is not a stage for egotists to play out their amateur theatrics or delusions of grandeur. The people who criticized Pope Francis from the get-go for his failure to adhere to tradition might have been premature, but they were right. The small stuff matters. For want of a nail, and all that.

The Bear cannot fathom how anyone who has the slightest understanding of and respect for the Mass could turn it into pep rally. (It didn't even work, the Bear adds.) What a titanic ego! But this is just one example of the chief problem in today's Church: people who think the Mass and everything else is their personal play toy or experiment.

Can you imagine this happening at a traditional Latin Mass?

No, you cannot. It is an impossibility.

Some day, all of this will be no more than an unpleasant memory. The Superbowl and Soccer Ball Church simply cannot survive. It has cut itself off from the Vine and shall assuredly wither. Protestants do this schtick better, and eventually most Catholics will trickle away from the Church into their local evangelical worship centers.

Yet there will always be a faithful remnant who will be ready when that time comes.

And I will leave me seven thousand men in Israel, whose knees have not been bowed before Baal, and every mouth that hath not worshipped him kissing the hands.

1 Kings 19:18.


  1. The plain architecture made this possible. (Yes, along with the N.O & V2 ethos in general.) Try to pull this off in a proper church. Oh, I'm sure some one has/will. The wrongness is much clearer. B/c it looks so little like a sacred place of worship, the House of God, it can be pulled off more easily. Our parish has modern architecture. It's leading the parish down the wrong path. I fully agree that the mass is not the plaything of the laity, or the priest or the pope.

    This is why Fr Z says "save the liturgy, save the world" etc.


    Man won't kneel --
    Daily to pray
    But lift his hands,
    To applaud and play.

    Man won't kneel --
    Examine acts dead
    But perform for himself
    By bowing his head.

    Man won't kneel --
    Emotes bad behavior
    No matter reviews
    The director's his savior.

    Man won't kneel --
    He's the star, can't fail...
    So the prop-man struck
    The Communion rail.

  3. "Some day, all of this will be no more than an unpleasant memory."

    Oh please God.....soon. PLEEEEEZE soon.

  4. This is a travesty. I agree the plain architecture makes this sort of abuse easier. How could any Catholic think this was a good idea?!

  5. After the coming schism, expect that sometime after the October 2015 Synod, then the remnant Church will return to the Tridentine Mass. The other church of Francis will make this "liturgy" commonplace.


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