Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Study: Muslims Aren't Violent

In a story that would make the author of "How to Lie With Statistics" blush, internet rag Vox claims that Muslims are no more violent than any other religion. In fact, their headline screams, a new study "obliterates" the "myth." You see, the murder rate in Muslim countries is supposedly less than non-Muslim countries.

Now the Bear, who knows a thing or two about murder, wonders a few things.

Does Pakistan keep records of crimes as meticulously as the FBI? Is Iranian CSI as high-tech as ours, leading to a high probability of solving cases? Do honor killings count as murder? How about freelance beheadings of infidels? (Obviously judicial executions of Christians, crane-hangings of homosexuals and the like wouldn't be included in the stats.) Are murders committed by Muslims in other countries taken out of their host country's total? Are we assuming that everyone in, say, the U.S. is Christian in the same way everyone in Saudi Arabia is Muslim? Is the murder rate less for totalitarian states in general?

The Bear wonders how 9/11 casualties are treated. (Bet: not.)

Are we comparing those murders committed by Muslims chanting "Allahu akbar," to those committed by Christians shouting "Praise the Lord!?" (Ah, there's the rub, isn't it?)

To compare, let's considers this week's horrific murders: (1) first by Muslims in their own little ISIS, where they are free to be Muslims to the nth degree and shout Allhu akbar! until they're hoarse; and (2) by Christians, acting on behalf of Christ. Well, there is only the first, actually. Towns captured by ISIS are decorated with corpses the way we hang Christmas decorations. The Bear wonders if those deaths would be included in the statistics?

Today they put a captured Jordanian pilot in a cage and burned him alive. [Previous graphic photograph removed. The Bear sometimes forgets other people are not as inured to violent death as his criminal law practice has made him.]

America has a lot of murders, no doubt. The Bear will have to research the last cage-burning by Episcopalians, since he can't recall any at the moment.

The Bear wonders why even police won't go into enclaves of "peaceful" Muslims in France and Norway.

Perhaps it is true, that Muslims are spectacularly unmotivated to commit violent crime that is not associated with their religion, although this study hasn't shown that. It's the powder-keg element of Islam that we rightly worry about. And those non-murderous Muslims are keeping the powder nice and dry by their silence and excuses for the one thing Islam is famous for today: violent death.

At The Federalist, David Harsanyi invites Vox to put it's head where its mouth is, so to speak.

But if you truly believe all the world’s great religions are equally violent (“intrinsically” speaking) there is social experiment one could undertake to find out. A Vox reporter could walk around Washington DC or Dallas or Atlanta holding a sign that says “Jesus is a myth” and see what happens. And then that reporter could head to Medina or Karachi or Gaza City and do the same thing with a corresponding sign about Islam. Afterwards, let’s compare results.


  1. Long-Skirts, I hope and pray that she has not seen this -- and will never see it. I can't imagine how any of this young man's loved ones could ever get over the horror of it.


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