Monday, February 9, 2015

Twilight Zone Science

The poles of fear, the extremes of how the Earth might conceivably be doomed. Minor exercise in the care and feeding of a nightmare, respectfully submitted by all the thermometer-watchers in the Twilight Zone
-- Rod Serling's closing narration, "Midnight Sun"

You may recall the Twilight Zone episode where a sweat-bathed woman is sweltering in oppressive heat, a doomed Earth circling closer and closer to the sun. But like today's climate change hucksters, Rod Serling had it both ways. At the end she awakens from a fever dream to find a frozen Earth spinning into cold, cold space.

Same Scam, Different End of the Thermometer

Many have been onto the climate change scam for awhile, now. The Bear is old enough to remember the threat of global cooling. In fact, his favorite prog-rock band, Jethro Tull, did a wonderful song about it on their War Child album, "Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day." (Now frontman Ian Anderson sings about global warming. How quickly we forget, Ian.) Throughout the '70s alarmists were sounding the frozen claxon in Time magazine, Washington Post, LA Times, the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor and every other news outlet with column inches to fill.

But it wasn't just a warning. The professors had solutions to global cooling. It was all our fault, and we would have to mend our rotten ways. Internal combustion engine? It goes without saying that would be banned. Children? Births would be regulated, with criminal sanctions for the philoprogenitive. Why, democracy itself would have to be sacrificed, according to climate researcher Dr. Arnold Reitze of Case Western Reserve University, speaking in 1970.

Funny how no matter whether we're going to freeze or boil, the cause and solution are the same: us, and controlling us in new ways.

Politicizing Science

Paul Homewood, writing in the blog Not a Lot of People Know That is publishing original research that shows conclusively that much of the global warming data is made up out of whole cloth by professional alarmists. As an example, he documents that all of Paraguay's temperature records have been altered to -- falsely -- make it look like it has been heating up.

The late Michael Crichton wrote a sobering essay warning of the dangers of mixing science and politics.  He compared eugenics -- establishment science in its day -- with global warming. The first had unimaginably tragic results when Adolph Hitler put eugenics into practice on a broader scale than the United States. (Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was an enthusiastic supporter of eugenics, but, then again, so were Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw and Luther Burbank. It was the global warming of the pre-WWII West.)

Global warming is a scam invented by people who want to control your life and your economy. It does not matter how thoroughly debunked it is, however. Question it and you are a "science denier." Get it? Like "holocaust denier." But what few people realize is that global warming is not the only scam they're running.

Global Warming Is Only Part of the Story

Every time the Bear reads a headline that says, "Scientists Say..." he wants to reach for his revolver. Hardly a day goes by when the Big Bang isn't discredited by theories about the multiverse, or a new "Earth-like planet" is discovered. If the apparently uniquely privileged position we occupy in the universe should trouble an atheist's sleep, there is always a new discovery to comfort him.

Take Gliese 581, which debuted in 2007. "One of the most exciting planets ever discovered!" It basked in the temperate "Goldilocks Zone" that made it just right for life. And it was a mere 20 light years away! In fact, there was only one tiny problem with Gliese 581.

It didn't exist. Not at all. It was nothing more than a misinterpretation of data by over-eager scientists.

Now, if you had made a big splash in all the papers about a new planet that turned out not to exist, you might feel a little chastened. Not our Gliese 581 team. “While it is unfortunate to find that two such promising planets do not exist, we feel that the results of this study will ultimately lead to more Earth-like planets.”

That's science logic for you. If you win you win. If you lose, you win. You just don't understand how science works. Bill Murray in Ghostbusters gave our climate researchers and planet-hunters their motto: "Back off, man. I'm a scientist."

From outer space to the interior of our cells, consensus science is being challenged. Even the patron saint of science, old Charlie D himself, is revealed to have feet of fossil-rich clay. Stephen Meyer wrote a fascinating and devastating critique of the science behind Darwinism in Darwin's Doubt. If you want a book to reawaken the childhood wonder of science (real science) Darwin's Doubt is a masterpiece. Darwin, it seems, was wrong, at least if you look at the fossil evidence, not at his cheerleaders.  Meyer devotes the conclusion of his book to examining the implications for Intelligent Design.

Of course, if you entertain a heresy like I.D. you're a "science denier."

Climate, planets, evolution, but wait. There's more. Did you know there's no you reading this? No soul, just randomly firing neurons somehow creating the illusion of you? Scientists haven't quite solved what has been called "the hard problem of consciousness," but every day you can find some researcher claiming that new research has practically abolished you, your free will, your loves, and your hope for immortality.

Science has declared war on faith, and does not scruple to cheat. Canadian journalist Denyse O'Leary's blog Uncommon Descent is a great resource to track fake science.

This is why it is so unfortunate when Catholics link their faith to current science. First of all, it is imprudent in that the science is often dubious and ephemeral. What then happens when the scientific basis of Catholic magisterial teachings on the origin of man, and his relationship to his planet, and the nature of his soul are revealed to be false? The Bear will be very interested to see what Pope Francis has done with his upcoming ecocyclical. No doubt he'll be hailed as the "greenest Pope in history," but at what cost in mischief?

Politics and science have proven to be a lethal cocktail. Religion and science can only travel a tense and tricky journey together. The Bear is all for real science, but too often researchers and political hangers-on have turned it into a one-way ticket to -- The Twilight Zone.

(Watch "Midnight Sun" on Hulu.)


  1. Hey, lay off eugenics. It's coming back.

    1. It's just different flavors of the same anti-human ice cream.


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