Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vatican Issues New "Life of Women" Video

After backlash over a video featuring an attractive 50-year-old Italian actress, the Vatican has issued a new video to promote their "life of women" campaign.

The new "You Don't Own Me" video features lip-syncing to the 1964 Leslie Gore song by the same name by a couple of dozen persons, many of whom appear to be women. It has been translated into 6,900 languages. It drew instant praise from Phyllis Zagano, of Hofstra University, who told the National Catholic Reporter that this time the Vatican is sending the right message.

"These are real women, not some bleached blond bimbo with pumped up lips. The outside isn't important. It's what's inside that makes a woman, namely, a uterus and ovaries. Where rosaries don't belong, I might add."


  1. Oh goodness! You had me going there a second!

  2. I am soooooo disappointed...Lesley Gore has gone over to the dark side. LESLEY GORE!!!


  3. (This is partly an experiment to see if all my posts are inexplicably getting doubled, or just some of them.)

    I watched the original video that apparently got so many people riled, and didn't really understand why it engendered such outrage. Its message, as I recall, was quite vague and difficult to pin down as to just what it was saying, such that, with a little imagination, almost anything could be read into it. (Hmm, wish I could remember who that reminded me of.). The actress did seem carefully styled to come across as a beautiful woman who didn't work at being beautiful -- something admittedly GUARANTEED to tick off a lot of us ladies -- but would the video's critics be so petty? Personally, I can't blame any gal for aspiring to look like Monica Vitti circa 1965. A lot of us aspired to that back then, and some of us (paging St. Jude!) always will. Perhaps the unforgivable thing was that the Vatican knew our guilty secret.

  4. The main thing that's going on is that Italians don't think the way we in the anglophone world do. There's nothing wrong with the spot. It just gives malcontents an opportunity to polish their diversity credentials (a full-time occupation for many, especially in academia).

    Because, you see, you can pretend to be OFFENDED by it.

    "Is this how the Vatican views women? Some plastic-surgery bleached blond with fake eyelashes? For heaven's sake she's ATTRACTIVE. Real women are UGLY and PROUD of it."

    Unless Italy has changed for the worse since the Bear lived there in the early '90s, feminine beauty is casually appreciated, and (shock) younger women go out of their way to be attractive, even sexy. (They were, too, if you happen to like brunettes!) When we were there, a prime-time game show featured a panel of contestants who had to guess the type of fruit on the pasties of models as they stripped down. It was considered fun. Now we, of course, are SHOCKED by such a thing, but think nothing of a steady diet of soft core pornography on even basic cable, not to mention shows like Game of Thrones.


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