Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Catholic Men Convert to Orthodoxy

The Bear can tell you the main reason men leave the Catholic Church and join the Orthodox Church.


That's all there is to it. Beards are encouraged in the Orthodox Church among men. Also, unless things have changed, you won't find girl altar boys, or women reading the epistle. What's more, women are not even allowed in the "altar," the area behind the iconostasis.

For the most part, Orthodoxy is an almost militantly manly religion. Orthodoxy doesn't sniff the trail of the world. Orthodoxy doesn't change things, certainly not in comparison with the Catholic Church. Perhaps part of this is not having a pope who can turn everything upside down with a word. (The ecumenical patriarch is only symbolically the head of anything.) Conversions to Orthodoxy are hardly ever initiated by the women. Men don't feel they have to apologize for being men in Orthodoxy.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church is wringing it's pale, thin hands over "empowering women," or some such gimcrack idea. The Bear is going to go way out on a limb here and say that the Church works best when it best serves souls. The line at judgment is going to be "Sheep" or "Goats," not "Men" or "Women."

Many men will simply lose interest in a feminized religion that does not include temple prostitutes. Hey, in 10 more years that may be just another "lifestyle choice," and "women's role." Kardinal Kasper, (his head preserved in a jar) will read the latest survey, and blow bubbles from his gap-toothed grin as he explains how God isn't afraid of sex.


  1. Bear,

    have you seen this PEW article? (

    Russians identifying themselves as Orthodox has grown from 31% in 1991 up to 72% in 2008.

    Just think how much better they could do if they would follow Pope Frank's lead!! :-)

    1. Orthodoxy isn't a faith, as we think of it. It is inextricably entwined with ethnic identity. Or, during the Bear's Great Orthodox Adventure, someone once remarked, "It's nice you're hear, but I don't understand. You're not Russian."

      So it's not surprising that Russians would identify themselves as Orthodox, while not actually practicing. Sort of like Catholics who support same-sex marriage and abortion.

      If Pope Francis grew a beard, mark my words, his approval rating among men would skyrocket.

      At the moment the Bear is in a rare beardless state himself.

  2. "Many men will simply lose interest in a feminized religion that does not include temple prostitutes."

    Of the opposite sex, you meant to add.

    1. hey, who are we to judge?

    2. Well, that goes without saying in the Woods. Although one shouldn't assume.

  3. OMG- Bear, My fiancee recently asked me to grow a beard and she loves it.
    So, you are obviously correct.


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