Friday, May 22, 2015

Anyone Else Think This Is Interesting?

Remember when the UN Committee on Rights of the Child blasted the Vatican over damaging the psyches of "homosexual children" by condemning homosexuality? Remember how it demanded predatory priests be handed over to Law enforcement?

Have we heard any more about this lately?

Now that the Bear thinks about it, the UN seems to have a higher opinion of the Church! That's great! Right?


  1. The Church under Francis is just another NGO now, fighting merely physical poverty and that evil capitalism. Just wait for the Food for All program. Sin will be approved at or somewhat after the 2015 Synod, as the Rhine flows into the Tiber is showing. Don't forget the secret synod modernist planning meeting in Rome too.

    1. Right, right and right. I don't think people believe schism is possible. I see two ways. Elements in Western Europe, led by the Germans make good on their threat that "Germany is not a branch of Rome" and establish a separate magisterium. This is the threat from the left. The threat from the Right is (as Damien Thompson just wrote about) the Church compromises on gay unions or adultery and that is the straw that broke the camel's back for the trads. It is not beyond possibility. We just don't know how Cardinal Marx et al are willing to go. They clearly haven't given up on Synod on Family II. Francis foolishly raised expectations and will have to do a 180 to avoid heresy. We know how humble he is, but that would be a bitter pill to swallow, wouldn't it?

    2. Ah yes, Remnant Clergy, they and planning and plotting their diabolical destruction. Don't think for a second they have thrown in the towel. Just the opposite. Any kind of push back has thrown the apostates into full high speed gear. I like to say the wolves in sheep's clothing are now minus the clothing. Satan is pretty much out and proud.


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