Monday, May 18, 2015

Germans: Now Screwing Up 21st Century, Too

This is the problem: beer-fueled, lascivious folk dancing.

Cardinal Marx is waving the results of that mischievous survey on the family at the Pope, while threatening that Germany is "not a branch of Rome." Cardinal Marx may speak closer to the truth than he knows. What the Germans want, apparently, is the blessing of mutual sodomy pacts, remarriage in the Church after divorce, and communion for non-Catholic spouses.

Meanwhile Germany isn't competent to decide these issues since only 54% of priests bother to go to confession even once a year, only 58% pray daily, 60% of their parishioners don't believe in life after death, and 66% don't believe in the resurrection of Christ! Yep, just the kind of mature Catholics who can be trusted to reset Catholic moral teaching.

St. Corbinian had similar troubles with the Germans in Cardinal Marx's very own see, Munich-Freising. Only he was a saint. And he had a pet Bear. Ironically, St. Corbinian condemned the wicked marriage of the local warlord and had to flee for his life. Cardinal Marx would probably be fine with blessing it.

Can anyone connect the dots from Pope Francis' support of Cardinal Kasper on these same issues to Cardinal Marx thinking now is the moment to move?

Read the full story here at Rorate Caeli .

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