Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pope Francis: Get Rid of Your Dog (and Makeup)

Thanks to Rorate Caeli. 

When it comes to spending, what thing in the world comes after food, clothing and medicine? The fourth is cosmetics and the fifth are pets. That is serious. Pet care is like love that is somewhat programmed; that is, I can program the loving response of a dog or a little cat, and I do not need to have the experience of love with human reciprocity. I am exaggerating, so do not take it literally, but it is to make you think.

Sorry boys, Pope said you gotta go.

By the way, you shall not be surprised to learn that the Pope's rankings are bogus.

Jorge Bergoglio continues his assault on normality.


  1. I am not entirely unsympathetic to the Holy Father. My family had a dog when I was a child. I vowed never to have a dog again. They're dirty and gross. As a Catholic who wanted a family, I (ditto for my wife), we disdained singles and dinks (dual income no kids) who had dogs and treated them as their children, walking them in fashionable urban/suburban neighborhoods. These folks eschew having children, however. Pets are not children and cannot replace them in God's world, but pets absolutely have a role in family life. As you know, we got our first dog as adults last year. We love the little bugger. He's a baby to us, but he's not our child. We have children. The children play with their dog, run around the house, play fetch outside, etc. We are proud breeders and we have a family pet whom we love as well!

    So, I don't know what the Holy Father was getting at, but there is a case to be made for the appropriate role of pets in God's world and family life.

    1. Well shoot!! I had my hope s up that the obama- bergoglio Anschluss would yield the next generation of obamacare for my pets! Looks like the prez will have to go it alone :-(

    2. I think what the pope was referring to is the fact that very few italians have children and when they do they only have two. They usually don't have the second until the first is almost reared. This is something that I've noticed when I visit Italy. Most of the babies that I have see are usually phillipino. Italians walk their dogs but no babies.

  2. OK, I thought (briefly). I'm keeping my dog.

  3. Cats, too. Clearly a slap at Benedict! I think I may have read somewhere else that the dogs should be shipped to the Vatican, especially Dalmation puppies. Don't know what's going on, but Buster says "get some." He's so disrespectful.I can't imagine where he gets it from.

  4. Even Tobit had a dog! (See Tobit 11:9)

    What kind of wackiness is this?

    1. They even have their own patron saint, after whom my Rocky is named.

  5. The Holy Father's remarks have thrown Rocky into such confusion that he has retreated to the cat tree, where he even now sits staring out the window as if waiting for a sign. (Or his nemesis, the UPS man.) He has never bought cosmetics, that much is certain, but I expect he is doing some serious soul-searching right now.

    Me, I'm not conflicted at all. Dogs are what we wish we could be: humble, loyal, utterly without guile or pretense, able to experience pure undiluted joy, and accepting of whatever life brings their way. Ever met a blind or three-legged dog? Did they seem depressed or resentful at their misfortune? Nope. Welp, I guess I got three legs. Now let's go to the park!

    1. I am sorry to hear of Rocky's distress. Perhaps we need to spend even more money on pet counseling over this nefarious plot.

    2. The more the Bear thinks about this, he is staying to wonder if Rocky's cat tree will support a Bear.

    3. Apparently my wife can stand on it, which I find miraculous given its apparent construction. And since you are, after all, a miraculous bear, I'm sure everything would be fine.

      Fortunately, you are not a horse. Rocky has a low opinion of horses.

  6. The bear must have woken up on the wrong side of the cave. The Holy Father is not suggesting that people get rid of their pets but only that pets shouldn't come before the more important things in life like children. I agree with Pete that there are so many out there who claim they can't afford another child but happily spend thousands of dollars on their toys and pets.

    1. Willard, we have learned to interpret Pope Francis' gnomic utterances. Everything he says means more than it appears. Surely he is expressing an ideal, where money spent on pets is better spent on The Poor. How can you possibly doubt this, my friend?

    2. Oh I agree with you on that. He certainly would rather see the money be spent on the poor than at doggy day care. I often think Pope Francis romanticizes about the era of the Jesuit Reductions in his native Argentina. If you haven't seen it, watch the movie "The Mission" with Robert de Niro.

    3. I was going to reconsider a bit. It is true that there is lots of frivolous money being spent on pets. Yet, it seems clear from the report the Holy Father cites that pets' needs come after the human household is taken care of. That does not seem out of proper order, really. And, yep, I guess I forgot the poor. I'd better withhold puppy's next few treats. Perhaps he should give them up for Lent next year, eh?

    4. Your final statement (did you add in later?) that the Pope's rankings are not true just blows the whole damn thing up into the most meaningless drivel to come out of his mouth. What was the point? Why lie and make things up? I can see why you say you are through. It's a painful thing to say/think about a Holy Father. We have no shepherd. Oh...does this mean he doesn't like 'pet' sheep either?

    5. Well, it's one of those things that becomes "common knowledge": some advocacy group (in this case the Worldwatch Institute) releases agitprop to convince us that our priorities are all out of whack--spending money on pets and cosmetics rather than the far more worthy cause of "women's reproductive health"--the media picks it and gives it publicity, people make Facebook memes about it, and before you know it it's become one of those things that "everybody knows". At which point the Vicar of Christ feels obligated to unburden himself about it to all and sundry.

      Yes, his rankings are whacked. Worldwatch merely tells us how much we supposedly spend on certain well-chosen frivolities in comparison to similar but extremely dubious figures about the cost of providing food or clean water (or "reproductive health care") to the entire planet. They don't rank them as the non-necessities we spend the most money on; they just provide the figures for comparison.

    6. If Worldwatch is correct that more money is spent on cosmetics than on "reproductive health care for all women" that would be a very good thing!

      I will point out, though, that most cosmetics aren't very expensive; lipstick, for example, is $10 to $20 and will last for many months. My cosmetics budget for a year probably wouldn't pay for one abortion (though I haven't priced those).

    7. Cosmetics and pets don't even show up on actual rankings of expenditures. He's just doing what he always does: mouthing agitprop he remembers reading in the far-left La Republica, his only source of news (he has recently revealed). You mustn't say the Holy Father is actually lying, though. He is illustrating a moral truth with a scenario that may or may not be factually true. This is permissible, as, say, it is with climate change.

    8. I don't think he's lying any more than your colleague is lying when he tells you at the watercooler that Twinkies have an infinite shelf life. He heard it somewhere, thinks it's a "cool fact", and wants you to know about it.

    9. Well, Murray, the Bear must admit he enjoys those YouTube videos, "Top Ten Weirdest Facts About WWII" and the like. Maybe the Pope watches "Top Ten Evil Facts About the Northern Hemisphere."

  7. Certainly drop the cosmetics, which is based on vanity. And it is perfectly clear that having a pet is considered programmed love by Francis, and should be eliminated to give the money to the poor. Notice how Francis doesn't focus on the spiritual side, that is repentance and conversion, but only on earthly problems.

    1. Yes, that's where he's at and why the Bear is done with him. The Bear simply does not recognize his voice. He fears Jorge Bergoglio is a thief, not a shepherd.

  8. Remnant Clergy said:

    "Certainly drop the cosmetics"



    If I cry
    The whole day long
    They say that I
    Must be more strong.

    If I'm hard
    And I am strong
    They say that
    That is very wrong.

    And if I birthe
    Till I am poor
    I must be stu --- pid
    That's for sure.

    And making money
    Saving cash?
    They say that I
    Am much too brash.

    Then if I laugh
    When I am witty
    I am crude
    It is a pity.

    And if I pout
    And look quite sour
    I am a stubborn
    Sullen, dour.

    When confessing,
    Stutter, halt...
    Yes, you guessed
    It's all my fault.

    If life throws me
    An awful curve
    It is a pain
    That I deserve.

    So makeup on
    Oh yes it goes
    Perfumed head
    To perfumed toes.

    'Cause lipstick's red
    And red rouge paint…
    Will make ya what
    Ya think you ain't!

  9. What people do with their money is their own business. We have to remember where the pope comes from. Peron in his youth and continual insanity of Argentina today. When he is speaking infallibility I have to listen to him but when he's just talking off the top of his head as Jorge Bergoglio I have the right to treat him the same way I do my demented or infant relatives when they cut loose.

    1. The Bear seems to remember a pope who got through Nazi Germany with his intellect intact :-)

  10. This is the reason I left the Church. We are told we do not have the right to spend our on money on pets, this from a Church that will not condermn even the worst of animal abuse. In the meantime, the Vatican will not allow birth control, so the poor we are supposed to sacrifice our pets for in order to help will keep growing and growing. This planet does not need more people (approaching 9 billion now) but it does need more kindness to the rest of creation.

    1. Haven't you heard, Marcia? Now the Church has Bears! I hope you hang around for the roast marshmallows.

  11. I have a dog. But it is not a reason to leave the Church. You leave the Church, you leave Jesus in the Eucharist. Find another parish. And I'm not giving up my dog, and I bet you all the priests that have pets are giving them up either.


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