Friday, May 22, 2015

The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber -- Again

Rorate Caeli has the frightening  news. Hopefully the conservative Bishops won't be blindsided this time.


  1. I just now read about this coincidently before popping onto this site. I have a feeling they are in a panic of sorts because a number of German Bishops, as I understand it, are speaking out against the Kasper proposal. Soooo......seems as though the German Bishops are not exactly 'all in' with Cardinal Kasper, Marx and gang. Which I would think would be the 'good news'. On the other hand, they do have a fare number of Bishops from other countries that are indeed 'all in'. I did also read somewhere that Cardinal Kasper was sort of dissed by the Polish Bishops whom he invited to meet with him and they refused. One thing you can definitely say, the campaign is on in full force. They are garnering every bit of support for their 'agenda' and working hard at it. We need to work harder with prayer, sacrifice, and standing publicly for the truth of Christ in His Church.

  2. Wonder if Pope Francis stated something he can no longer control? Marx never had the Poles, as I understand, but seems to be adding others. And he has the will of DIE VOLK. Francis has fostered this brood of vipers and don't forget the shenanigans at the first Synod which had his fingerprints all over them. Next too impossible to figure it all out from the outside.

    1. "Wonder if Pope Francis stated something he can no longer control?"

      francis could shut this down with one word. The back-door machinations, and doubling down are happening because the guy behind the steering wheel is pressing the accelerator pedal to the floor.....while aiming at the cliff.

      Pray for those 6 good German Bishops (I particularly have Bp. Oster at the top of my prayer list). You can bet all hell is breaking loose on their heads now.

  3. OF

    In the land
    Of Deutsch and Vaters
    Races Rhine's
    All mastering waters

    No other creed
    Or freemasonry
    Hate like the Vaters
    Of Germany

    An Alter Christus
    For sinner and virgin
    But the Rhine's vineyard reds
    Let deviance burgeon

    They will like you to death
    With all their red fiber
    And drown your soul
    So you can't reach the Tiber

    But in the land
    Of Deutschland's waters
    It’s time to dam
    Rhine's polluted Vaters!

  4. Is the Conciliar church "reforming" again the Sacraments?


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