Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Siri Acts Coy

Today the Bear was practicing with his iPhone and asked Siri what her opinion of gay marriage was. (Siri is Apple's voice-control personal assistant.)

"My name is Siri, and I was designed by Apple in Cupertino, California. That's all I'm prepared to say."

Somehow, the Bear got the impression she was leaving no doubt as to her opinion, but didn't want to risk being thrown against the wall. Bears hate gay tech.

The Bear learned that Siri can tell jokes, make appointments on his calendar, conduct web searches, and make phone calls. For example, the Bear located the nearest Petco, called for an appointment for Buster and entered it into his calendar completely via Siri.

Yesterday, he found his old day runner planner on top a bookcase, covered in dust. Yeah, it got the job done, but who can deny we're more efficient and fun today?

On his iPhone, the Bear also has two different apps for Liturgy of the Hours: Universalis and Divine Office. He has his Douay Rheims and NABRE, as well as many other books. He has the EWTN app, the Ignatius Press audio Bible / talks app, and even a Confession app. There are a lot of good resources out there for all the perils of tech.

And you'd never fit all of them into a day runner.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nothing New Under the Sun

"Glen or Glenda" was a 1953 shocker by possibly the worst director ever, Ed Wood. (Of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" infamy.) Wood himself enjoyed wearing angora sweaters.

Well, the Bear supposes there is something new. Such pathologies have risen from B movie exploitation to polite conversation.

The Bear read a sad Facebook post by a male Lutheran minister who wants to be a woman. He kept complaining about the hate he received from everyone. All the comments, however, were blandly supportive.  "You must honor Jesus by living as the person He made you: a woman in a man's body." Things like that. (The Catholic Church doesn't look too bad, now, does it?)

It's almost as if we are in some laboratory, where rats are forced to swim until they give up and drown.

Now on a certain day when the sons of God came to stand before the Lord, Satan also was present among them. And the Lord said to him: Whence comest thou ? And he answered and said: I have gone round about the earth, and walked through it. (Job 1:6-7)

The walker doesn't hurry, and he is considering each of us.

Facebook Survival Tips for Gays of Rage

Mandatory "Rainbow Effect" for Facebook Profile Pictures
Slacktivism Has Never Been Easier

The Bear hates Facebook.

If he could travel back in time to listen to King David play sweet psalms, he would instead pull up short and tear Mark Zuckerburg's lower jaw off before he could invent it. If the Bear did not have children to embarrass, he wouldn't be on it at all.

Okay, there are some other friends the Bear doesn't mind keeping in contact with, But every once in awhile the Social Justice Warrior hive mind issues a command to the drones and the whole stupid place is drenched in rainbows. The Democratic Underground and other left-wing groups pump out hundreds, if not thousands of professionally designed pictograms to carpet bomb your feed with homo marriage agitprop.

There's no point in playing their game. You're just going to waste your time with cat ladies. If they know you at all, they already know what you think of homo marriage. They don't care. They can't help themselves.

Some thoughts. You can:

  • bail out of FB (the nuclear option)
  • unfriend offenders (not bad, but they'll figure it out, if that matters)
  • unfollow offenders (if you don't want to offend anyone, this lets them think you're still friends, but you don't have to see their crap; sort of pathetic, isn't it?)
  • keep viewing the agitprop but make up songs whose only word is "loser" and sing them loudly (probably best if you live alone)
  • find your own pro-marriage agitprop on Google (BWAH HA HA! Wait. You took that seriously. Oh, man, sorry.)

The funny thing is that homosexuals are not the ones generating all this stuff. It's annoying people who are polishing their tolerance credentials.

The Bear's son hopes this will be their last hurrah. The Bear is not so sure. There will always be some homowagon to jump on. Twenty years from now, we'll be seeing BAN HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE on our Google Glass Facebook app along with the global cooling warnings.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vatican Releases New Hot Earth Mascot

In what Vatican watchers say is an attempt to rekindle flagging interest in Pope Francis' "Green Encyclical," the Vatican unveiled a new symbol for the initiative. A Vatican spokesman explained that "we want the people of the Earth to still think of Her as a 'sister,' but more of a hot step-sister." The spokesman added that her "hotness" would remind people of global warming.

New "Hot" Sister Earth Vatican Mascot

He Is Trampling Out the Vintage Where the Grapes of Wrath are Stored

The Confederate battle flag banned as a hate symbol, and the Supreme Court of the United States makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states -- in one week.

Who says history doesn't have a sense of humor?

Full disclosure: Zoar is south of Richmond, Virginia's latitude. The Bear (and his mate) once slept in Jefferson Davis' brother's bed. Not because it was Jefferson Davis' brother's bed, but because it was in our room. Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Planet Saved, Mission Accomplished

CO2 emissions have flatlined for the first time in four decades even as the world economy grows, according to a new report by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21). The change is attributed (rather implausibly to the Bear's simple ursine mind) to increased reliance on wind and solar energy. REN21 is a UN-Euro green outfit that issues reports and whatnot.

In any case, this is a good fact to know and share. You could work it into discussions like so. "What do you mean? During the year 2014 to 2015 CO2 emissions were actually flat for the first time in forty years! That's right out of the UN's own REN21 report!"

The Bear is so relieved! Now Pope Francis can get back to all that Catholic stuff.

In a related story, Harvard astronomers were alerted to a little-noticed passage in the Pope's green encyclical in which he declared Pluto a planet once again. They quickly reinstated the diminutive planet at the edge of solar system to bring astronomy back in line with the Pope's understanding.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Best Comment Ever

Dove One

You guys have been hitting them out of the comment box lately, much to the Bear's delight. But he can't think of any that top his best friend and fellow lawyer, Terry Green's.

Last I heard, in order to fly to America and lower his carbon footprint, the Pope will shun a jet and instead use the highly starched aerodynamically efficient cornette of Sister Bertrille. on Hot Women
at 8:11 AM
Good luck with those headwinds traveling west!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hot Women

It was hot at Mass Sunday. The Bear does not know if Father had turned off the AC in compliance with Global Warming Pope Francis' eco-cyclical or not, but it was hot. It was so hot, several ladies had been forced to remove most of their clothes. One poor woman, with babe in arms, was sadly reduced to short shorts and a small piece of cloth that covered her chest, it being secured by some strings in back.

This particular lady was quite fit, as was apparent to all, and had a nice tan. This led the Bear to conclude that she ran for the purpose of exercise. The Bear wondered how she survived the heat of running beneath the summer sun, her being so delicate inside a church.

Fortunately, she was two rows behind us, so the Bear was largely spared the spectacle of her suffering. Meanwhile, the Bear was clothed in thick fur and a tie, yet somehow managed to avoid heat stroke. His mate was attired modestly. Before we left for Mass, she asked, "Do I need a tank top under this?" (She didn't, but the Bear thought it was adorable for her to ask. Modesty is winsome to Bears.)

The homily dwelt on the violence in Charleston. We must respect everyone, no matter their race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. But most of all, we must enact strict gun control. This was repeated several times. There was something about ecumenism, but the Bear tunes that sort of thing out.

The Bear realized that we didn't hear much about Jesus in homilies, or how to get into Heaven. The Bear supposes we're on our own on the religious stuff.

Surprisingly, there was no mention of Global Warming Pope Francis' eco-cyclical.

What Encyclical?

A brief post from Rorate Caeli notes that the eco-cyclical seems to have already dropped off the radar.

Exactly as the Bear predicted. No legs. Here's another thing. Global Warming Pope Francis somehow manages to make everything about Global Warming Pope Francis. (That would include the Catholic Faith.) Celebrity is a very different thing from respect, from moral authority, from persuasiveness.

We have before us a tragic figure. He could have been the Catholic Pope. Instead he's Global Warming Pope Francis: guru for all, a walking, talking kaleidoscope of gimmicks, one-liners, and insults.

Eco-cyclical -- DOA.

"What am I going to do with 100,000 anti-fracking tee shirts I bought?"

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Cult of the Bear!

A comment by Michael Dowd on the American Catholic comment section made the Bear's day:

The Bear knows. The Bear speaks. The Bear is right. Long live The Bear.

The woodlands now have a pledge. It is simple, comprehensive, and majestic. Of course, recitation by the woodland creatures is purely voluntary.

For the time being.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ecocyclical: The Bear's Impressions

The Bear is not finding the volition to apply himself to any hard work on the Pope's latest encyclical. But it is, after all, as if Nelson Mandela piloted a wind-powered spaceship to the moon. There's just no way you're going to escape writing about the thing. So let's get this over with.

The Encyclical -- It's getting a lot of news coverage, as expected, but the early release stole some momentum and the tragic shooting pushed it off the number one spot. Simply: it's not dominating, and it's not electrifying. That said, everybody is saying what you would expect them to say. They'll soon stop, because it will cease to be new. That's why they call it news.

Sicily -- A short flight on an Alitalia Airbus from Roma to Sicilia might be educational for our Pope. If you want to see piles of "filth"-- but here the Bear must pause to fully describe the unimaginable crap people in this first-rate third-world country live with.

Take your Fiat Panda or whatever unsafe-at-any-speed humblemobile you care to squeeze into and drive from Belpasso (on the slopes of Mt. Etna, itself natural menace) to Piano Tavola.

Much of the route is a trash dump that makes Gehenna look like a park. Running out of room? Just claim another mile of roadside, or pile the crap higher. Set it on fire to add a greasy, rotten smoke to the experience. The Bear is not sure how the garbage accumulates, given the irregular schedule of Sicilian trash collection. Perhaps it's a volunteer effort.

You could go to the eastern coast to escape the sheer awfulness, but the prospect is spoiled by ugly pipes and processing plants of some sort stomping out into the Mediterranean.

By contrast, the terrible horrible United States is clean and beautiful. Despite what the Pope may think, we're not buried under piles of filth. (Maybe he believes we're sending it all to Sicily.)

Sicilians are willing to tolerate living in a dump that we didn't create. If they would but come and observe our methods, they could go back to Sicily and clean it up. The Bear gets tired of the constant shifting of responsibility from the feckless and the foolish to the U.S. The Bear says if you live in a dump, and have the means to process trash like every other European country, it's your problem.

What this is really about is people everywhere need to form governments that do basic tasks like take out the trash.

Michael Voris -- The Bear is sorry to say that he was laughing during the Vortex on the encyclical. Poor, simple Pope Francis has been duped by bad advisers. Don't know what else to say. Except even the usually reliable Father Z was saying, "but wait, it's not all bad." The Bear remembered Jack Nicholson's President Dale in "Mars Attacks" saying, "We still got two out of three branches of government and that ain't bad!"

Pope Francis -- this is his. There are no surprises to the man. We can all sit back and stop obsessing over everything he says and does. There's nothing to figure out any more. He's a Latin American bishop with naive, confused and passionate politics and a constricted view of the world. He idealizes the poor, not because they are needy, but because they are The Poor. The Catholic Church is being repurposed into something strange, vague. The tone of this Papacy is anger.

And that, friends, are the Bear's thoughts on the encyclical.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Pope's High Water Mark

We may be witnessing the high water mark of Pope Francis. The Bear has a feeling it's downhill from here.

Why would the Bear say such a ridiculous thing now, of all times? The whole world has turned its gaze toward the Man in White.

First of all, what does he bring to the party, if it is permissible to put it like that? The only so-called science will be second-hand. Nothing new here. It's not like he's an expert in the field. The people who have been impressed with the climate change pseudologia fantastica thus far will continue to believe, and those who don't, won't. How many people do you think will really say, "Oh the Pope has come out on the subject of global warming, so I'm going to change my mind! Honestly, the Bear doesn't think it will be very many.

The Bear does not expect many to actually read a 200-page encyclical. Sorry, but that's the price you pay for writing a 200-page encyclical. The juiciest parts will be cherry-picked by talking heads. The shelf-life will be mercilessly short. The Bear does not expect this to have legs.

The release of the encyclical gives those playing along with global warming an opportunity to talk about it, and even do so in moral terms, which the encyclical will certainly include. And the climate realists will also get to sound off. Again, no big change. In order to be impressed by the moral implications of a scientific theory, one must be persuaded by the science.

Catholics will not change their minds. Expect liberal Catholics to bring up Humanae Vitae inappropriately, and type the phrase "cafeteria Catholic" a lot. The Bear does not recommend engaging them because they're not really listening to your reasoned explanation.

The Bear believes it is unfortunate for a pope who is already suspect in some ways in the minds of many, to so unambiguously align himself with a goofy political fad and all its hangers on. The Bear's theory is that global warming "ticks all the right boxes" for the Pope, economically and politically. He was powerless to resist. That's about the most you can say.

Pope Francis is as at the height of his power as Pope, and perhaps at the height of his celebrity, too (if there is a difference). The Bear would say, were we talking about a secular figure, it's all downhill from here.

When's the last time you heard of Al Gore?

O Brave New World That Has Such Imaginary People In It!

These are exciting times we live in. You can be a pretend black person (Rachel "Black Like Me" Dolezal), a pretend woman (Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner), a pretend Indian (Elizabeth "Dances With Imaginary Wolves" Warren) and even get pretend married. While some of you may look askance at this eruption of imagination, the Bear ("I Wanna Be Like You")  could not be more excited.

As you know, the author of this blog is a Bear. Not a pretend Bear, but a Real Live Bear. But if there's one thing better than a Bear, it's a Man. Some readers will know that it has been the Bear's 1300-year quest to become a Man. Sometimes he gets close, but most of the time he's just a Bear. (Some of you may identify.)

But now, all that matters is how you feel inside. It's like biology by Disney.

You have probably guessed where this is going. The Bear is going to become a man. Because if we close our eyes and pretend real hard, it will be so.

Oh, and sometimes I feel like I'm the Pope, too.

O brave new world that has such imaginary people in it!

I wanna be like you
I wanna talk like you
Walk like you, too
You'll see it's true 
Someone like me
Can learn to be
Like someone like me
Can learn to be
Like someone like you
Can learn to be
Like someone like me

-- "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's Jungle Book

Baby Goat Video

Here's the promised video of Napoleon. Nothing says "peaceful" like the tinkling of goats' bells.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Climate Change Info at ECST

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo has some great information on the anti-science folks' climate change hoax. Sadly, our Holy Father appears to have been duped by a program that ticks a lot of his boxes, unfortunately.

New Baby Goat

Early this afternoon, Blanquette gave birth to one baby goat. We haven't named him yet. He's a keeper! We figured she was close since she was making "baby talk." Mothers talk to their babies in this sweet little voice not long before they give birth. Deuce is the daddy.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mahound's Paradise

Mahound's Paradise is hereby added to the blog list with much roaring and a little fireworks from the Bear's special Lepanto Day stock. Lots of fun; very good for a human.

The Bear Wonders If He Can Fit Herr Doktor Schockenhoff's Entire Head Into His Jaws?

Do you ever just get tired of Germans? Bruno attempted a good-will tour of Bavaria on behalf of Bears everywhere. The Germans famously declared him Problembär. They shot him down in cold blood. (June 26, 2006. Never Forget.)

Rorate Caeli advertises some Bear bait in the person of Eberhard "The Shocker" Schockenhoff. He is a theological adviser to rogue German Catholics and all-around Problemkind. You ought to read about him.

The Bear imagines that German theologians say, what's the point of limiting ourselves to teaching Catholic doctrine? Where is the creativity, the scholarship, the unapologetic heresy?

The Bear doesn't know about you, but he's sick of these theological Dr. Strangeloves.

So, they make up a bunch of twaddle to show everyone how smart they are. Like this. Everybody goes to heaven, but the victims of oppressors have the final call by whether they offer forgiveness or not.

Huh? The Bear doesn't think so. (And if so, Bruno does not forgive.) But it cuts Herr Doktor Shockenhoff out of the pack of plain old universalists. That's practically mainstream.

You'll probably want to go to a real blog to learn about the odious and dangerous Eberhard Schockenhoff. Bear theology goes: "I wonder if I can fit his entire head in my jaws?"

Head not very big.
Betcha five fish.

The Dogs of Zoar

The Bear responds to some few requests that he is certain speak for many regarding current pictures of Zoar's animal population. We'll do the dogs today. We're still trying to get good pictures of the goats. Deuce has been particularly elusive.

Beau relaxing with some of his toys. He's about half the size of  Cooper.

Cooper "one flap down." Yes he stole the orange
from the dining room table. He's big. He can put his front paws
on your shoulders and look you in the eye.

Cooper sits up proper and flashes his "Samoyed Smile"

This is Buster eating an ice cream cone. Sorry.
Bears are quite similar with ice cream. Make
that pretty much any food. That's why you never see us eating out.

Dahlia is the smallest (and meanest) of all the dogs of Zoar,
She's a Yorkie. She has a vivid imagination.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Polar Bears on Ice -- Big Deal

"Help, I swam out to this piece of ice and can't swim back!"

How many photos of polar bears stuck on the ice in the middle of the ocean have you seen? Here's a newsflash: polar bears live on the ice and in the sea. That's because their food -- seals -- live in the same places. It's their habitat.

Granted, polar bears are not as smart (or as good looking) as the Bear's own species, ursus arctos, but they're not stupid enough to swim so far out that they must pitifully die on some oversize ice cube. Where are we to believe these bears came from anyway? An ice floe that suddenly melted while they were off hunting for seals? Or, worse, global warming is happening so fast the ice is melting right under the bear's feet!

This is agitprop. Propaganda. In a word: fake. So we must ask ourselves, why stage fake pictures that make perfectly healthy polar bears look like marooned buffoons? Because they're lying to us big time. Climate change is a crock. Don't believe it and don't trust anyone who peddles it.

"Help, I wandered into this endless field and can't get home!"

Eggs 4 Sale

Not to rub it in, but the Bear has plenty of fresh, delicious eggs. Oh, they're free, too! Rather than ask for donations (now that the Bear is retired on a small military pension) he is offering fresh eggs to his readers for the low, low price of 9.99 USD, plus 2.50 USD shipping and handling (per egg). Or will trade for bacon.

In other Zoar news, we have two mothers to be: our goats Blanquette (surely you remember her) and Ava. It could be sometime soon! So, you can look forward to baby goat pictures (maybe videos if the Bear can figure out how to do that).

Monday, June 8, 2015

SSPX on Fr. DeSmet and Crybabies

Nice little article here. It's from SSPX, so sue me. (Hint: good luck getting jurisdiction over a Bear.)

The Bear is tired of petty grievance tyrants. His diet may require supplementation.

The Bear has found several things to blog about today. When you hit "Observe the Goats" you're up to date!

Francis Entertains Swedish Lady-Bishop, "My Esteemed Sister"

Pope Francis entertains Lady-Bishop today. Hey, it's a first! Lutheran Archbishop Antje Jackelan is from Sweden. The Pope called her "my esteemed sister," and praised her for welcoming refugees.

Pope: Marriage to be Protected, No to Gender Ideology

Speaking to Caribbean bishops, Pope Francis attempted to unlink Church teachings from current controversies. Don't waste your time on politics. From Vatican Radio:

No to gender ideology, protecting the complementarity between men and women. 
The complementarity between a man and a woman is being questioned by the so-called gender ideology in the name of a freer and more just society, the Pope observes. In fact, he warns, the differences between men and women are not a question of “opposition or subordination but rather of communion and generation… always in the image and likeness of God." Without mutual giving- he adds - neither can have an in-depth understanding of the other.
Bishops are united to face the country's problems.
The Pope invites the Church leaders not simply to pray but also to reach out in friendship and “fraternal aid" to address the many serious problems facing Puerto Rico. And, he warns them against "wasting energy in divisions and clashes." "The more intense the communion…the more it favors the mission," he says. 
Pope Francis encourages the bishops to distance themselves from any ideologies or political trends that can “waste their time and a real passion for the Kingdom of God." Because of its mission, he points out, the Church is not tied to any political system so that it may always safeguard the transcendence of the human person.

The Pope inexplicably linked ministry to the family to migration, drug trafficking, unemployment and corruption. The Bear would like to see Pope Francis address "the family" as an important institution worthy of clear teaching by itself. Of course, any problem can affect families. There is the tiny, but real, risk that a meteor will strike some family. Unemployment affects many families. This begs the question of just what a family is. The world needs to hear a simple, straightforward lesson on this.

Observe the Goats

Sheep and Goats
The Bear offers one weird trick to keep your bearings in these unsettled (and unsettling) times.

People are separating themselves neatly into Sheep and Goats. It is really amazing to behold. If you know what a person thinks about x, odds are you also know what he thinks about y, and z. The point is, people tend to be right-thinkers or wrong-thinkers. (If you're thinking, "that's judgmental," thank you for playing. The Bear already knows all he needs to know about you.) The deficiencies that cause a person to be pro-abortion, for example, will also cause him to be pro-gay marriage and believe in climate change.

There is no reason the Bear can see why this should be, but he has found it to be so.

Before we see how useful this phenomenon really is, a caution. The more of somebody's opinions you know, the more accurately you can predict what she thinks about any controversy. Conversely, if you only know one opinion, you might be misled. Anybody can be wrong once in awhile.

This is how it works on individuals. Bears use this to quickly determine whom to eat. But it gets better when you apply it to populations.

We can't be experts in every crackpot science scam or criminal endeavor. But we don't need to be. Here we can safely rely upon the Goats to show us the way. It will be the opposite direction of whichever way they're pointing. In this way God makes use of even the Goats.

The Bear is not a scientist, but he doesn't need to be one to know that the climate change crisis is made up. Socialism, UN-ism, gun control, pro-abortion, gay marriage, anti-fracking, militant Darwinism, open borders. What do these have to do with climate change? Absolutely nothing. Yet, over a population, there does seem to be a correlation.

 If a group of people are wrong in the same way on several issues, they are likely to be wrong in the same way on other issues. Simple, no?

Some Sheep can behave like Goats once in awhile. Nobody's perfect.

But it still doesn't make them right, does it?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

So many impious comments come to mind... Bear must resist. So Pope Francis broke his staff. How do you think this might have happened?

Can't say the Bear's ever been a fan of this ugly crucifix. Christ looks utterly defeated, and drawn toward the center of the earth. Inhuman. Even the cross is bent. Shouldn't there be a hint of triumph? At least shouldn't we be able to watch the Pope without being repulsed by the odd staff? That's old, old news, of course. Yes, the Bear knows this comes from St. Pope John Paul II. It still doesn't improve it.

Without making too much of it, he might have chosen to go onstage without it, rather than sending a message of fracture. Then again, Bears are a bit superstitious.

(h/t Fr. Z)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bear's Brain Boggled

Ha! The Bear complains about a month-long delay on delivery of his computer, and whaddya know? It arrived yesterday. Much getting used to, though.

The Bear hasn't posted in awhile because his poor Bear brain is bogggled. There comes a time when every man must be tempted to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. (H.L. Mencken.) Amid all the craziness, perhaps the craziest thing of all is that ordinary people sit quietly with their hands folded on their laps as western civilization and the Catholic Church crumble around them. Dear Heaven, is there nothing we should do in the face of mad Lovecraftian horrors who are daily summoned by chanting cultists wearing rainbow robes, robes of black, purple, and, yes, red?

But today, the most important news is Bruce Jenner pretending he's a woman.

Now first of all, what man doesn't enjoy slipping into something slinky after a bubblebath at the end of a hard day? But we keep it to ourselves, don't we? We don't go accepting awards for our "courage" because we know it's a bit rum. A normal man simply doesn't admit to crossdressing and whatnot. That's why the Bear has concluded there is something very wrong with Bruce Jenner.

The man is unquestionably mentally ill. But here is the strange part. When the Bear complains to his p-doc that the CIA is beaming thoughts into his head, does she give him an aluminum foil covered bucket to wear? Of course not! Yet a whole industry is devoted to keeping Bruce Jenner snug in his delusions. "Aren't I lovely? Isn't this dress a treat?" (Pete, the Bear discovered, is currently having similar thoughts.)

It makes the  Bear sick. It's a freak show. And the worst part is that no one is helping a patently mentally ill man who needs honest professional help. Instead we serve him up on a platter for entertainment in the Vanity Fair.

The Bear hopes Bruce Jenner learns how he has been degraded by people ready to give in to his mad demands, no matter what. And the Bear also hopes (without much confidence) that this sick country will realize they're the rubes at the freak show, and feel guilty for gawking at the crazy guy. Classy.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Even Bears Face Delays

The Bear's MacBook delivery got pushed back yet again. Now it's into June. It weighs less than the Bear's iPad. The Bear has high hopes that it will foster more regular blogging. Right now he has a choice between scribbling with his claw on his iPad, and lugging his heavy, 17" computer that he sometimes pretends to fly jetliners with.

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