Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

So many impious comments come to mind... Bear must resist. So Pope Francis broke his staff. How do you think this might have happened?

Can't say the Bear's ever been a fan of this ugly crucifix. Christ looks utterly defeated, and drawn toward the center of the earth. Inhuman. Even the cross is bent. Shouldn't there be a hint of triumph? At least shouldn't we be able to watch the Pope without being repulsed by the odd staff? That's old, old news, of course. Yes, the Bear knows this comes from St. Pope John Paul II. It still doesn't improve it.

Without making too much of it, he might have chosen to go onstage without it, rather than sending a message of fracture. Then again, Bears are a bit superstitious.

(h/t Fr. Z)


  1. He should have used duc tape. It's God's great practical gift to mankind...oh, after His Son and all that, of course. ;^D

    1. I have read accounts describing the tape as duct tape. Perhaps it is a special kind of white duct tape specially manufactured for the Vatican.

    2. Oh, it looks like hospital tape! Well, Jesus did have wounds...

    3. Yes, quite apropos for Francis, the chief medical officer.

      Oh, hey, thanks for the referrals on Fr. DeSmet. As I noted early on, I may not run out of material, but I might run out of will.

    4. Comments sure have dried up! Maybe we're covering everything so thoroughly there's just nothing left to say ;-)

    5. BTW, I think the DeSmet material is worthwhile. I will continue to enjoy them as long as you keep posting them!


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