Sunday, June 14, 2015

Climate Change Info at ECST

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo has some great information on the anti-science folks' climate change hoax. Sadly, our Holy Father appears to have been duped by a program that ticks a lot of his boxes, unfortunately.


  1. Thank you for the reference. I hope folks find that information helpful.

  2. Well. I just went a bit farther on my blog. Did I go too far?

    1. Really, two different kinds of pieces.

    2. Yes. I haven't offered opinion in that post so much as offered information and resources. I am into educating the public. Can logic and reason win out? Ah, it's hard these days.

      Oakes' piece is opinion. It's pretty direct.

  3. If climate change proponents are are going to start endorsing (sympathetic) popes as scientific authorities, I am going to be looking for a boatload of apologies and backpedaling for all the condemnation heaped upon the Church for the Galileo affair.


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