Monday, June 29, 2015

Facebook Survival Tips for Gays of Rage

Mandatory "Rainbow Effect" for Facebook Profile Pictures
Slacktivism Has Never Been Easier

The Bear hates Facebook.

If he could travel back in time to listen to King David play sweet psalms, he would instead pull up short and tear Mark Zuckerburg's lower jaw off before he could invent it. If the Bear did not have children to embarrass, he wouldn't be on it at all.

Okay, there are some other friends the Bear doesn't mind keeping in contact with, But every once in awhile the Social Justice Warrior hive mind issues a command to the drones and the whole stupid place is drenched in rainbows. The Democratic Underground and other left-wing groups pump out hundreds, if not thousands of professionally designed pictograms to carpet bomb your feed with homo marriage agitprop.

There's no point in playing their game. You're just going to waste your time with cat ladies. If they know you at all, they already know what you think of homo marriage. They don't care. They can't help themselves.

Some thoughts. You can:

  • bail out of FB (the nuclear option)
  • unfriend offenders (not bad, but they'll figure it out, if that matters)
  • unfollow offenders (if you don't want to offend anyone, this lets them think you're still friends, but you don't have to see their crap; sort of pathetic, isn't it?)
  • keep viewing the agitprop but make up songs whose only word is "loser" and sing them loudly (probably best if you live alone)
  • find your own pro-marriage agitprop on Google (BWAH HA HA! Wait. You took that seriously. Oh, man, sorry.)

The funny thing is that homosexuals are not the ones generating all this stuff. It's annoying people who are polishing their tolerance credentials.

The Bear's son hopes this will be their last hurrah. The Bear is not so sure. There will always be some homowagon to jump on. Twenty years from now, we'll be seeing BAN HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE on our Google Glass Facebook app along with the global cooling warnings.


  1. There is a meme going around that is pretty funny. "My news feed looks like a war broke out between the Confederacy and a Skittles factory."

  2. I went nuclear and quit FB a year ago, but have my daughter's password so I can keep up with her and the chillun. Cheating, I know.
    saw a good suggestion to quit google and use I post this using my google account...geeze louise

    1. I wasn't kidding about Google suppressing pro-marriage items. Worse, it serves up pro- homo images when you search for pro-marriage ones.

  3. Never been on FB. I was reading about people crossing inappropriate boundaries on Facebook and that other site now defunct. Bosses and subordinates "friending" etc.... FB is a playground for trouble. Email your family. Have them email you. Still on google, however, as we're on blogger...

    1. Further thought. Perhaps it was also the character of people in those days, but if we read snail mail of yesteryear we will see how much more expressive, intimate as well as articulate (!) people were. Maybe we should return to snail mail or send it Fed Ex--doesn't have to be overnight. That way no govt body can see it. We may also say things that are more heartfelt than what we say today that any one can peek at.

    2. I confess to being dazzled by tech. It's easy to condemn out all while forgetting the many ways it helps. Blogging is a good example. But FB... Nothing good can come of privately hooking up old high school sweethearts, or lonely women and married men. Not to mention the sheer stupidity of what your 635 "friends" post. The concept is flawed and ego-driven. Smart, careful people can find uses, but it's the 21st century's "vast wasteland."

    3. I think FB can be used for good purpose, especially by social groups and businesses. And sure we can get in touch w/old friends or family across the country/world. But, seeking out old flames, starting new fires, and other crossing of social or professional boundaries happens too often. Teachers tend to get in a lot of trouble talking about their students online. It doesn't matter whether their comments are true. They should not do so. Discretion is a lost virtue.

  4. My son sent me a picture of the Confederate Battle Flag with the rainbow overlay, so I'm using that for now. All my cat-lady "friends" and relatives (most of whom do not own cats, some of whom are men) know well enough that I am a far-right Catholic extremist, so they don't bother engaging with my heresies: He'll get what's coming to him soon enough.

    As far as I can tell, this rainbow mania is equal parts holiness-signalling (what some are calling the Signalarity) and "I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient." But no, it won't end here. The Left has a) a ceaseless restless desire to discover new social injustices to fight, and b) No brakes. They can't stop, so this can only end in war or collapse.

    1. Good essay. My sense, however, is that genuine enthusiasm has been manufactured by manipulating the national mythology of an unbroken march toward the ultimate good of equality. God forbid we should ever reach the end of that journey.


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