Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Baby Goat

Early this afternoon, Blanquette gave birth to one baby goat. We haven't named him yet. He's a keeper! We figured she was close since she was making "baby talk." Mothers talk to their babies in this sweet little voice not long before they give birth. Deuce is the daddy.


  1. Cute! So, is she a French "blanket"? Congrats. We had lots of outdoor creatures on our property today. A huge toad. I need to post photos of our rugged (!) adventures.

  2. Thanks. She's 1/4 Boer, 3/4 Dwarf Nigerian mix. We're not entirely sure whether she's a boy or a girl yet. Hoping for a girl, because we definitely don't need another male! We still have another one on the way, too.

  3. What a lovely, lovely creature! I liked the little detail that her momma talked baby talk to her before she was born. Wait until she gets her feet under her and starts her baby goat dancing routine! Maybe you could post a video for us. I love the posts you give about your animals and your farm life. Have a happy time with your new addition. I am sure your children are ravished by this beautiful little being.

  4. Yes, please! A baby goat video from the Farm of the Bear would make me so happy!

  5. can't do much better than a baby goat video.....unless of course it also has dogs in it

    1. I got the video. Now to figure out how to post it. With luck, there will be a way to upload it to YouTube automagically. I'm going to try today. It is pretty adorable. We're just relieved everybody's healthy. It's amazing how capable they are right out of the chute.


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