Monday, June 8, 2015

Pope: Marriage to be Protected, No to Gender Ideology

Speaking to Caribbean bishops, Pope Francis attempted to unlink Church teachings from current controversies. Don't waste your time on politics. From Vatican Radio:

No to gender ideology, protecting the complementarity between men and women. 
The complementarity between a man and a woman is being questioned by the so-called gender ideology in the name of a freer and more just society, the Pope observes. In fact, he warns, the differences between men and women are not a question of “opposition or subordination but rather of communion and generation… always in the image and likeness of God." Without mutual giving- he adds - neither can have an in-depth understanding of the other.
Bishops are united to face the country's problems.
The Pope invites the Church leaders not simply to pray but also to reach out in friendship and “fraternal aid" to address the many serious problems facing Puerto Rico. And, he warns them against "wasting energy in divisions and clashes." "The more intense the communion…the more it favors the mission," he says. 
Pope Francis encourages the bishops to distance themselves from any ideologies or political trends that can “waste their time and a real passion for the Kingdom of God." Because of its mission, he points out, the Church is not tied to any political system so that it may always safeguard the transcendence of the human person.

The Pope inexplicably linked ministry to the family to migration, drug trafficking, unemployment and corruption. The Bear would like to see Pope Francis address "the family" as an important institution worthy of clear teaching by itself. Of course, any problem can affect families. There is the tiny, but real, risk that a meteor will strike some family. Unemployment affects many families. This begs the question of just what a family is. The world needs to hear a simple, straightforward lesson on this.


  1. Are you being ironic or do you really disagree that these issues are bound up together?

  2. Of course they are relevant to famiLIES, as I made quite clear. (You're a better reader than that, Willard.) The issue is that the institution of FAMILY is sorely in need of some brief, plain language that only the Pope can provide. These are two different issues. The world, the flesh and the devil are muddying the waters. Yes, we need to be authoritatively told what a FAMILY is by the Pope. Unfortunately, that is the kind of focus we will never get from Pope Francis, for reasons best known to himself.

    1. I am a better reader than that. When I first replied, for some reason, I was only able to see the line, "The Pope inexplicably linked ministry to the family to migration, drug trafficking, unemployment and corruption." I didn't see the rest, hence my confusion.

      As to your point, I couldn't disagree more. Our moral degeneracy as a society didn't start in this pontificate. Did the clear, plain language of JPII and especially Benedict XVI on the family do anything to arrest this decline? Well, during these pontificates we got the vilest forms of heterosexual depravity available on everybody's computer and same-sex marriage laws.

      I'm utterly convinced that Pope Francis wants society to be a modern version of the Jesuit reductions in his native land or a modern version of Little House on the Prairie. A society where a man without a genius IQ can provide for his wife and kids. A society where it is illegal to work on Sunday except for those who have to for public safety reasons. Where the whole neighborhood has a barbecue on Saturday and then spends Sunday at mass with a procession afterwards.

      The destruction of the family is an effect of our embrace of the consumerist capitalism that so infects this land. Because we will stand in line for 6 hours to get the latest Iphone which is marginally better than the previous Iphone to fill our banal vapid lives, someone in China has to spend 18 hours in a factory cranking them out.

      That the Pope is trying to get people to realize how interconnected all these issues are is, to me anyway, a step forward.

    2. And I agree, the iPhone is an example I have used myself. But focus. The issue over the nature of the family may not have started under Pope Francis, but it is my opinion that through his ill considered remarks, distraction on climate change (impacts the family!) and disastrous Synod on the Family, the Church is absent from western civilization at the very moment of crisis. So very necessary. It speaks volumes that you must come up with an arcane Jesuitical policy to explain him. He's the Pope. He just doesn't want to communicate with us, not really. It's always the scattergun approach once he strays from his three-point homily.

  3. To Willard: Would you consider writing a guestie on your Jesuit theory?


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